Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: technique, video lessons for cosmetologists

For the normalization of lymph flow in the tissues, the breakdown of fat deposits and the removal of harmful substances from the cells cosmetologists around the world recommend lymphatic drainage facial massage, which is not necessary to do in the salons, but can be performed at home. And do not even have to use special devices, you can use the means at hand or even use their own hands. If you follow the correct massage technique the result is not it will take a long time.

Note! The essence of lymphatic drainage massage is a mechanical effect on the vessels, resulting in the movement of lymph, which is stagnated in the tissues. This helps to rejuvenate the skin and improve its appearance.

Indications for

Before proceeding with this procedure, it is important to understand why it is necessary and what can be achieved after it. Indications for lymphatic drainage massage are:

  • formation of a vascular mesh on the skin;
  • appearance of acne and blackheads;
  • excess body fat quantity;
  • blurred contours of the face;
  • swelling on the eyelids;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • sagging skin as a result of aging;
  • water imbalance;
  • loss of skin elasticity.

Note! Performing lymphatic drainage facial massage regularly at home, it is necessary to ensure that the impact on the skin was superficial. This will make it possible to avoid injury, get rid of wrinkles and eliminate puffiness.

Expected effect

To Master the technique of lymphatic drainage facial massage at home is available to everyone, because it does not provide any complex actions. After a couple of minutes you can feel a pleasant relaxation and ease. In General, there are no unpleasant sensations, due to which this type of massage has acquired a wide popularity.

In addition, it is still quite effective, resulting in the following:

  • getting rid of swelling by removing excess fluid from the tissues;
  • activation of exchange processes, for which reason the skin stanositsya more radiant, becomes healthy;
  • normalization of water-salt balance in cells;
  • body fat breakdown, getting rid of the second chin;
  • removing dark circles under eyes;
  • restore clear contours of the face;
  • getting rid of nasolabial and other folds on the face, allowing you to look younger and more attractive.

In General, after lymphatic drainage massage facial appearance is improved by restoring the natural processes occurring under the skin.


Despite the relative the harmlessness of the procedure, it is not as safe as we would like, and in people with certain pathologies can cause negative effects. Contraindications of lymphatic drainage facial massage are as follows:

  • disruption of the circulatory system;
  • rosacea;
  • inflammatory processes with extensive foci;
  • unnecessarily sensitive and thin skin;
  • diseases of infectious nature;
  • open wounds and facial scars failed to heal;
  • neuralgia of the facial nerve;
  • increase in the size of lymph nodes on the neck;
  • tumors of different origin;
  • allergic reactions localized on the face;
  • tendency to form blood clots;
  • elevated body temperature.

As you can see, the list of contraindications for lymphatic drainage facial massage is quite wide. The therefore, care should be taken when using this procedure. Despite the simple technique, lymphatic drainage facial massage can leave behind serious consequences. If there is no reason for refusal, you can safely proceed to the development of the procedure.

Massage lines

Proper technique of lymphatic drainage facial massage involves making light stroking, stretching and pressing movements. Make it with fingertips. Not it is necessary to exert strong pressure, hoping to get in this way the greatest efficiency, massage should be superficial.

Learn the techniques is easy, much more difficult to remember the massage line, which will run exercises. These lines correspond to the trajectory of lymph:

  • cheeks from the chin to the earlobe, from the upper lip to the temples, from the corners of the lips to the middle ear;
  • chin from the Central part of the chin to the middle ear;
  • eyes – from the outer part of the eyebrows to the bridge of the nose and back, from the bridge of the nose to the temples;
  • forehead – from the center of forehead to temples.

The First procedure should be devoted to the study of directions and massage lines. It is recommended to watch the video, which clearly shows the process of lymphatic drainage facial massage at home conditions.

Video: how to do lymphatic drainage facial massage at home

Video lessons for beauticians will help to study the technique of lymphatic drainage massage to continue doing it at home.

Varieties of lymphatic drainage facial massage

Depending on the method, there are several types of lymphatic drainage facial massage. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Manual massage

Manual lymphatic drainage facial massage stands out for its simplicity and accessibility, so it is chosen to perform at home. To do it, no more than 15 minutes, and the effect will exceed all expectations. Manual technique is recommended in cases where the signs of aging on the face is not too pronounced.

Hardware massage

Most Often hardware lymphatic drainage facial massage is carried out in beauty salons. In this case, special devices are used. There are several patients to choose from methods'.

Galvanization – the effect of a small voltage current, which allows you to restore the microcirculation under the skin, activate the metabolism, remove excess fluid;

Note! In some cases electrogoniometry lymphatic drainage massage. Its essence lies in the fact that with the help of electrodes under the skin comes stimulating and moisturizing substances. They help to remove harmful substances from the pores, cleaning and moisturizing the skin.

Vacuum massage under the negative pressure effect is an increase in the speed of movement of lymph;

Note! The disadvantage of vacuum lymphatic drainage facial massage is that in the absence of certain skills and experience can damage the tissues of the epidermis.

Microcurrent massage – microcurrents are used to stimulate the upper skin layers, due to the influence of electrical impulses of low power, relaxation and muscle contraction occurs, due to which wrinkles are smoothed.

To choose the type of lymphatic drainage massage that would be preferable in a particular situation, it is recommended to consult an experienced beautician.

Manual technique lymphatic drainage facial massage

It is Worth noting that to do lymphatic drainage facial massage in a beauty salon can even a poor person, because the procedure is relatively cheap. In General, you will have to pay 600-1 000 rubles per session. However, many prefer to rely on their own strength, so do lymphatic drainage facial massage at home. This desire is justified: do not have to spend time visiting beauty salons and spend, though little money. In addition, it is convenient and does not take much time. It is enough to spend only 15 minutes for the procedure. After a full course, you can see the result: the skin becomes elastic, elastic, improves its color.

Technique of lymphatic drainage facial massage involves several simple steps. First of all, you need to clean the skin with the usual cosmetic and steam to open the pores. To do this, it is recommended to hold your face over the steam bath from herbs about 10 minutes.

Depending on the massage areas, the procedure is as follows:

  • forehead – close the fingertips on both hands, place them in the middle of the forehead, make about 6 smooth strokes, heading to the temples;

  • eyes – place the tips of your index fingers in the bridge of your nose and start moving along the lower eyelids, reaching the temples; slowly massage the area above the eyes, placing the fingertips on the outer edge of the eyebrows, make circular movements and move towards the bridge of the nose;

  • cheeks – use the tips of any two fingers to draw a line from the center of the chin to the end of the lower jaw; set your fingers near the corners of the lips, walk to the ears; draw a line from the top lips to the middle of the temples;

  • nasolabial folds – the tips of the index fingers to be placed in the area of nasolabial folds, to make a mild click;

  • chin – place your thumbs in the middle of the chin, make about 6 medium intensity presses, draw a strip to ears'.

Many people wonder how often you can do lymphatic drainage facial massage. It is worth noting that, despite its relative safety, it is not necessary to get involved. However, regularity is no less important for the final result. In this case, it is better to choose the "Golden mean". Even if the effectiveness after the first procedure is not visible, do not despair. Several sessions are required to get the expected result. In General, it is enough to spend lymphatic drainage massage 2 times a month to feel its effectiveness after a month.

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