Lumps bisha: photos before and after, removal of lumps bisha

the world's few people who are fully satisfied with their own appearance. One find a problem in low growth, at others – excess weight, at the third – wrinkles. Today it has become popular such a thing as "lumps bisha". What are they and why do modern girls try to get rid of them?

What is lumps bisha?

Bish Lump – the usual fat body, placed between the mucous membrane of the cheek and the skin of the face, just below the cheekbone. The name he was named after anatomist of France. These lumps are between the cheek and chewing muscles, contribute to the formation of additional volume. They are provided by nature not in vain, and perform certain functions. In children, fat bags reduce the friction of muscle fibers during chewing, make the process of sucking in newborns easier, protect from injuries mimic muscles and nerve endings. As a person grows up, their functions become not so popular. After 25 years of lumps Bichat can be reduced.

Lumps Bisha

These fat deposits are hard enough to get rid of, so those who are dissatisfied with the excessive fullness of his face, decided on an operation to remove them.

Indications for operation

Medical indications for surgery to remove lumps of Bich are absent because they do not cause harm organism. People (mostly women) go to medical institutions because of dissatisfaction with their own appearance. Such facial surgery is recommended in the following cases:

  • cheeks too rounded, especially compared to other parts of the body;
  • cheeks with age fell, there was a so-called "flews", deeper and more pronounced nasolabial folds steel;
  • the patient has his own reasons for removing fat bags on the face.

Lumps Bisha

There are people who naively assume that surgery to remove lumps Bichat will make their face shape is completely new. This is not true, but to correct its lower contours is really real. As a result, the person will be visually younger.


Despite the safety of the operation, it has contraindications. Thus, surgery to remove lumps of Bich is not recommended for patients with the following States:

  • poor blood clotting;
  • age to 25 years;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • liver disease in chronic forms;
  • weak immune system.

When the patient has a weight deviation of 25% or more (in any direction), it is not recommended to perform surgery to remove fat deposits on the face. Surgery is allowed only after normalization of body weight.

Removing lumps of bish

The Operation is carried out in most cases under General anesthesia. This is due to the fact that many patients find it difficult to overcome fear and it is difficult to psychologically realize that the doctor carries out certain manipulations on their face. However, the operation to remove lumps of Bich may well be carried out under local anesthesia.

When the anesthesia kicks in, the surgeon, revealing the mouth of the patient, performs cuts of about 1 cm on the inner surface of the cheeks. Then through these holes are extracted small fat lumps. Next, the cheek is sutured with a cosmetic seam, which is protected by a special disinfectant gasket. On the outside of the cheekbone after surgery is tightened with an elastic band.

The Operation to remove lumps of Bich takes no more than half an hour. The patient is allowed to go home immediately when he completely departs after anesthesia.

Rehabilitation after operations

Swelling persists for about three days after surgery. Visually, it seems that the cheeks have not lost weight, but, on the contrary, have increased in volume.

A week after the surgery, the stitches are removed. During the next month, it is important to protect yourself from physical activity. It is forbidden to visit the bath or sauna, long swim. The muscles of the face should remain in complete rest. Do not laugh often and for a long time, it is desirable not to make a grimace and not to strain facial muscles. In the first three weeks after the operation will have to sleep on his back, put a high pillow under his head.

You will Also need to follow a diet. Food should be in liquid form, increased chewing is unacceptable. Meals are allowed only room temperature. Each meal ends with a mouthwash with a special solution for disinfection and cleaning of teeth. To avoid inflammation, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.


As a rule, the operation to remove lumps of bisha on the face is safe and does not leave serious consequences. In some situations, there are inflammatory processes occurring on the mucous membrane of the cheek. However, this usually occurs when the body already has a focus of inflammation.

Very rarely the following implications:

  • lower blood pressure;
  • Allergy;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • cardiac arrhythmia.

These effects are not pronounced and pass quickly.

The cost of the procedure

The Price of the operation depends on the amount of fat removed on the face, the method used surgery, the status of the medical institution, the qualification of the surgeon, anesthetic. On average, the procedure costs 25 000-50 000 rubles.

Note! Despite the simplicity of the operation, patients do not dare to save on it. Manipulations are carried out at a close distance from the nerves of the face, and their damage is fraught with negative consequences that can hardly be hidden.

Photo before and after removing lumps of bish

Results operations can be seen in the photo before and after the removal of lumps of Bich.

Lumps Bisha

Lumps Bisha

Lumps Bisha


The recommendations of the plastic surgeon about bicha lumps can be found on the video.

The Procedure of the operation itself is presented in the following video.

Removal of lumps bisha: the view of a prominent surgeon about liposuction.

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