Low-calorie fruit desserts, fast and tasty dessert recipes for March 8

Modern cooking provides space for culinary preferences for all, including those who have decided to switch to a healthy diet or lose weight. It was for this audience that we picked up a couple of delicious low-calorie desserts for the festive menu by March 8.

Fruit Dessert: curd-Apple souffle

Light fruit desserts with cottage cheese – the leaders of the diet sweet table. One of these recipes, we're presenting the ideal solution for those with a sweet tooth, counting calories. By the way, in 100 g of this souffle only 86 kcal.

Necessary ingredients:

  • cottage cheese (low-fat) – 200 g
  • raisins – to taste
  • chicken eggs – 1 piece
  • apples – 1 PC

Fruit dessert: cottage cheese and Apple souffle

cooking Method

  1. This Apple dessert with cottage cheese is made very simply and quickly: mix the grated Apple and egg with cottage cheese, lay them out the resulting mass of molds.
  2. Pay attention! Since the souffle does not rise when baking, you can fill the molds to the top.

  3. Put the molds with fruit and curd mass in the microwave and bake them for 5 minutes.

When serving this simple but very tasty and healthy dessert can be sprinkled cinnamon.

Dessert for March 8: cheesecake with cherry sauce

We Present another option how to prepare a delicious dessert with a minimum of calories for a women's holiday. The delicate texture of cheesecakes prepared according to this recipe, and subtle cherry notes in the taste will be the perfect end of a festive dinner.

Dessert for March 8: cheesecake with cherry sauce

Necessary ingredients:

  • yogurt natural – 300 ml
  • gelatin – 6 tsp
  • powdered sugar – 50 g
  • water – 90 ml
  • vanillin – on the tip of a knife
  • cherry (frozen) – 100 g
  • starch – 2 tbsp.

cooking Method

  1. For start mixing gelatin with water and vanilla, set aside the mixture for 15 minutes. After heating it, stirring until the gelatin component dissolves.
  2. Separately mix the powder and yogurt, add gelatin mass to them and mix well.
  3. the Resulting mixture for a light dessert by March 8, pour into molds (for mini-muffins or muffins) and put in the cold for at least an hour.
  4. Now prepare the cherry sauce: heat the cherries in a saucepan until it it won't unfreeze at all. Then add the starch to it, stir and wait for boiling. Boil the sauce, stirring, on low heat.

We Present cheesecakes to guests, watering it with sauce and decorating with berries.

Banana Desserts: fruit salad "Minutka"

This fast and delicious fruit dessert contains only 60 kcal per 100g. It is very tasty, healthy and easy to prepare.

Necessary ingredients:

  • apples – 1 PC
  • orange (can be replace tangerine) – 1? o
  • kiwi – 1 PCs
  • banana – 1 PCs
  • candied fruits (for decoration)
  • yogurt (0%) – 100 ml

Banana desserts: fruit salad

cooking Method

  1. Clean the fruit, the Mandarin can not be free from the white skins.
  2. Cut prepared fruits in small cubes.
  3. Mix our low-calorie fruit dessert by March 8 and fill with yogurt before serving.

Be Sure to use our diet dessert recipes for a sweet table, and you will never put on weight.

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