Low-calorie diet menu recipes for March 8

Diet and traditional festive the table for most of us things incompatible, because usually feast is replete with hearty, caloric courses. And March 8 – is no exception, on the contrary – this women's holiday is rich in sweet weaknesses in the form of desserts and chocolate. But this is no reason to panic – calorie festive menu can be reduced by low-calorie recipes that harmoniously combine taste and benefit. We will try to give you a hint on how to make diet menu by March 8 to the holiday really worked even within the diet.

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Low-Calorie recipes for March 8: hot

In choosing the main dish for the festive table your main reference point is vegetables and lean meats and fish. At the same time, the method of preparing such low-calorie recipes should also be the safest for the body (cooking, stewing, baking in foil).

Diet menu by March 8

C for example, you can cook spicy chicken kebabs in ginger-yogurt sauce, low-calorie recipe that you can find by going to link. This dish has a completely dietary composition and a very interesting exquisite taste.

Not less useful and tasty is obtained stuffed chicken when stuffing chicken breast is taken, and the quality of the meat – cheese.

For those who prefers not meat low-calorie dishes, we offer to try to bake fish in foil under a marinade of tomatoes, onions, soy sauce and lemon with spices. The dish turns out to be light and tender. The recipe for this baked portion of fish can see here.

Delicious recipes for the holiday: meals

Ideal for those who will celebrate international women's day as part of a diet – vegetable salads with a light dressing in the form of vegetable butter, low-fat yogurt or sour cream. The advantage should be given to snacks with low-calorie foods such as cucumbers, cabbage, bell peppers, celery, spinach, herbs, tomatoes, salad. Examples of such dietary salads can be found here.

Diet menu by March 8

You Can also consider low-calorie recipes for festive salads with chicken or beef, fish or seafood, as well as low-fat varieties of cheese. Note the very original recipe of the warm salad, which includes beef, bell pepper and Peking cabbage. A special delicacy of this snack gives orange and soy sauce.

Low-Calorie recipes by March 8: desserts

As desserts for the festive table it is better to choose low-calorie dishes of fruit, yogurt and cottage cheese in the form of souffle, salads, jelly, cocktails, ice cream or sorbet. At the same time, it is better to take low-fat dairy ingredients, and give preference to apples, pineapples, citrus and dried fruits from fruits.

As an example of a very tasty low-calorie dish for weight loss from cottage cheese and pineapple can be given this recipe. Souffle by this recipe is extremely easy and the taste and caloric content.

A Very tasty drink of your holiday feast can be a diet milkshake with pineapple, a simple recipe of which is here.

Diet menu by March 8

Choose a delicious low-calorie recipe for the holiday for a sweet table can be passed on exiled, there posted a selection of interesting fruit salads for weight loss from a variety of ingredients.

And another important point: making your diet menu by March 8, do not forget about the compatibility of not only the products in the dishes, but also the dishes themselves.
Have a good meal without putting on weight!

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