Lost weight by 30 kg Hope Angarsk tried on a daring outfit

36-year-old Nadezhda Angarsk, one of the brightest participants of Comedy Woman show, always possessed magnificent forms. And after the birth of his son, the problem of excess weight has become even larger.

Seeing that the scales approaching 100 kg, the actress started strong weight loss and have reached in this business impressive results!

Transformation Of Hope-Redwood

"After giving birth, I kept saying, well, I gave birth, I'm a mom! Then I saw what moms are after childbirth, and realized that no, this can not continue", - shared Hope.

In order to lose weight, the actress changed her lifestyle: she regularly trains, not eating at night, refused fatty foods, sweet drinks and alcohol. Now the basis of its diet consists of vegetables and dietary protein products.


The Efforts of Hope are not in vain. A week ago, she said that she managed to lose 30 kg of excess weight. In honor of this event, the artist published in his Instagram a picture where posing in a tight latex suit, emphasizing the figure.

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In the comments subscribers praised Hope for the courage and strength of will. The actress, in turn, assured that is not going to stop there and will continue to lose weight!

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