Lose weight without harm to health: the safest exercises

Do you Want to get rid of the hated fat and get a beautiful figure, but you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym and do under the guidance of a coach? Don't despair!

Today we will tell you about the safest exercises you can do at home. They are characterized by minimal risk of injury and will help to achieve impressive results'.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope help to lose a few pounds, eliminating fat, "stuck" to the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. For half an hour you can burn about 350 calories. At the same time jumping rope create less stress on the body than running. This exercise can be considered safe provided that you do not have problems with your knees.

To jumping rope brought maximum benefit, observe the correct technique. The shoulders should be straightened, the head directed upwards, and the elbows pressed as close as possible to the body. Landing is carried out exclusively on socks

photo Source: youtube.com (canal Interestingly know)

Simple twists

Twisting is a simple exercise that does not involve lifting the lower back from the floor, which makes it as safe as possible for the spine. At the same time, it works well on the muscles of the press, helps to get rid of visceral fat and make the waist more subtle.

To perform this exercise, lie down on the floor with your legs bent and your hands behind your head or folded on your chest. On the exhale, lift shoulder blades off the Mat. At the top of the exercise, hold for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position.

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Hoop Torsion

This kind of cardio in 10 minutes burns 100 calories, helping you lose weight in no time! Toward in addition, it is considered one of the safest, as it provides optimal load without forcing the body to work on wear. However, at first it is recommended to wear a tight top or a special belt. The only contraindication is the presence of serious pathologies of internal organs.

At torsion of a Hoop the correct statement of a body is of great importance. Stand in the center of the room so that the surrounding objects do not disturb you. Take the Hoop in your hands and place your feet on the shoulder width. Twist the Hoop and start spinning, helping your hips. It is important to maintain an optimal rate of rotation.

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Slopes in sitting position

This exercise is borrowed from yoga and involves smooth movements, which makes it absolutely safe for muscle tissue and musculoskeletal system. It will not only help to remove the stomach, but also relieve the accumulated stress.

Sit cross-legged on the floor To perform the exercise. As you inhale, reach up with your hands.

photo Source: youtube.com (your channel Body Mind)

As You exhale, gently lower yourself down, trying to stretch your arms as far as possible.

photo Source: youtube.com (channel Your Body Mind)


Plank is an excellent exercise that affects almost all muscle groups and does not require any sudden movements. In one minute the strips are burned on average from 6 to 11 calories (interesting, is that a minute spent running about the same calories).

The plank Posture is an emphasis on lying on elbows or arms. The whole body should be straightened in one line, and the muscles of the press and buttocks are tense. In no case do not bend the lower back.

Important! Finish the exercise as soon as you feel that you can no longer hold the correct position.

photo Source: youtube.com (channel Workout – be in shape!)

Useful tips

Training will be really fruitful if you follow these guidelines:

  1. be Sure to warm up. This will help to prepare the muscles and joints, which will minimize the likelihood of injury.
  2. the Optimal break time between sets is 30 seconds. However, do not give up on respite, as it will cause fatigue organism's.
  3. take a few SIPS of water Between exercises. The liquid will accelerate the metabolic process and, accordingly, fat burning.

For maximum effect it is important not only to perform physical exercises, but also to observe principles of proper nutrition . And in order to diversify the diet, use delicious recipes, in which less 250 kcal.

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