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Fitness program Margarita KorolevaDream many women, Yes and men – to lose weight, become slimmer. It is this goal that makes them rush to extremes – to sit on a grueling diet or to exhaust themselves with unbearable sports exercises. But sometimes all this is more harmful to health than helps to get rid of extra pounds.

Nutritionist Margarita Koroleva, who has been recognized by women who want to lose weight and is widely known as the author diet margaritas Queen, gives this advice: lose weight without the use of moderate exercise is much more difficult. Besides, simple sports exercises are good for health. They will help reduce the risk of heart disease as well speed up metabolism.

But it is important to understand the main thing – weight loss in motion does not give you license to eat everything indiscriminately. Calories in any case have to be considered. But the result is not long in coming - lose weight faster than those who only limits themselves in food.

Fitness program Margarita Koroleva: the main thing – stability
Exercises should be individualized, advises Margarita Queen. Don't try to go to extremes and force yourself to do things you don't like or don't like. For example, do not run every morning after a friend, if you do not want to. This method will not work, you still throw a favorite pastime. And if you have decided to lose weight with the help of fitness, then remember that in this case the main stability.

In General, you should first of all choose the type of physical activity that will be to your taste, will help to significantly increase the heart rate, and will burn fat and train muscles. A well-known nutritionist offers to prefer such aerobic exercise like swimming, Jogging, walking at a fast pace, dancing, jumping rope aerobic work on the cardio equipment, riding by bike.

What is the essence of these trainings? Their basic principle is that the heart rate was made faster, it will increase fat burning intensity, the body will start to spend extra calories. Aerobics classes do not have to be held in the gym, if you have enough willpower to train at home. If you can not do fitness alone, then connect to the process of friends. But the motivation of your training depends on you. A well-known nutritionist emphasizes that fitness is for your own health, and in any case not a fashion or something else.

To achieve the effect of weight loss is enough to give training for 30 minutes, doing 5 days a week. And in the days of rest you should try not to spend time lying on the couch and absorbing buns and sweets, and more walking in the fresh air.

How to organize a training session on the system of Queen Margaret?
Margarita Koroleva recommends that you train at a time when you feel energetic and cheerful. It is not necessary to train early in the morning, if you do not feel cheerful enough, move the classes to a later time, when this state will pass, and you will be mentally and physically ready.

Always observe the rule: do not eat two hours before classes and an hour after - in this case, the body will really burn fat.

In order to be confident in the effectiveness of training, you will have to control your pulse. When you exercise or dance, your body should be in the "fat burning zone."

To define this zone for yourself, use the following formula:
Minimum value = (220 – your age) * 0.6

Remember that the number of beats per minute should not be lower than this value, but may be higher than it by 20-25 beats. To find your pulse, cover your neck with your index finger and thumb, count the number of strokes in 10 seconds, multiply this number by 6. If possible, you can buy a heart monitor for this purpose.

Every workout should start with warm-up, for five minutes gradually increase the speed to gradually enter the "fat burning zone". You yourself can feel this state when you start to sweat a little. After that 25 minutes should be addressed with a stable load. In the last five minutes, the movement should become slower, the load gradually decreases.

In one such exercise, the woman, whose weight is 60-70 kg, will spend approximately 250 calories. It is clear that these calories are easy immediately get back if you don't follow the diet. Ideally, it is necessary to combine training, diet and physiotherapy.

The clinic of the Queen offering a weight loss: mesotherapy, cavitation, LPG, and some other procedures.

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