Lose weight on the stars: Volodina called 4 reasons for excess weight

From the point of view of astrologer Vasilisa Volodina, the process of weight gain is due to 4 main reasons: laziness, constant desire for pleasure, inattention to the problem and inability to stop.

Each of these causes is controlled by one of the planets. Astrological analysis can be the key to solving the problem at a deep level!


Laziness is governed by the Moon. If you be lazy to cook healthy food, go to the gym and do beauty treatments, then deal with your family programs that relate to relations with parents and children.

The Chrevougodnichestva

If eating is a special pleasure, then there is Venus in waning position. It is necessary to look for love and to establish personal life, but not "to seize" the loneliness.

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Ignoring the problem

If you are in a state of inattention to your appearance and try to close your eyes to the extra pounds, then Neptune is to blame here. Overweight in this case is usually accompanied by dependence, for example, alcohol. It is necessary to find the main purpose for which you live. As soon as it becomes clear, everything is normal, and the excess weight will go away.


If you are constantly overeating and do not if you know how to stop in time, then there is a problem with Jupiter, namely-with your social significance. With food you try to console yourself because of the lack of success in society.

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It is Important to understand that each planet is able to create a lack of something: Venus - love, the Moon - warmth and understanding, Jupiter - social success, Neptune - a clear goal in life. It is necessary to solve the problem at the deep level!

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