Lose weight on Cleopatra's diet: rules and approximate menu

The nutrition System of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was aimed at maintaining harmony, maintaining a high energy level and strengthening libido.

That's why she managed to look so gorgeous and graceful, winning the hearts of the greatest men, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony!

The Essence of Cleopatra's diet

No gastronomic delights of the modern world it was good for the slender figure of the Queen. She ate natural food without TRANS fats and chemical additives.

Cleopatra loved certain plant foods, believing that they have a positive effect on sex hormones. Her diet always included bananas, almonds, cereals and seeds. The Queen knew the power of such aphrodisiacs as seafood and fish, and she gladly included them in her diet.

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A Prerequisite for the diet of Cleopatra was the addition of a variety of spices and spices to the dishes, which activate fat burning and increase libido. Among them are Basil, cardamom, cinnamon, rosemary, ginger, mustard and thyme.

Cleopatra periodically refused food of animal origin, and eating only plant products. If we talk about it in modern language, we are talking about nothing else but the carrying out of unloading days'.

Sample menu

Of Course, now impossible to recover the exact menu of the Queen, however, on the basis of her preferences, nutritionists tried to approach him!

Since morning: glass water with honey and lemon juice.

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh fruit or two boiled eggs.

Snack: fruit juice or whole fruit.

Lunch: stewed vegetables with seafood or a piece of fish.

afternoon Snack: a small handful of nuts or seeds.

Dinner: boiled meat with vegetables and fresh juice.

At night: glass kefir's.

To maintain sexuality at the highest level, the Queen drank a love drink consisting of milk, rose petals, saffron, almonds, dates and honey.

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Even these days nutritionists not only have nothing against, but suggest a diet of Cleopatra, as for a healthy person it is harmless and of great benefit. The basic rules of this diet can be followed for life!

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