Lose weight like a king: a unique diet Kate Middleton

About 8 years ago Kate Middleton became the wife of Prince William and received the title "Duchess of Cambridge". The girl has established itself as an icon of style, elegance and beauty.

However not always so was. Before she wore clothes 46-48 sizes, but suddenly devolved on 42. To date, Kate has become a mother three times, but still boasts a perfect figure and a radiant complexion. What helps her to stay in great shape?

Kate Middleton's Unique diet

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the Duchess was fond of raw food. This food system involves the rejection of all heat-treated food. Adherents of this food system believe that raw food is many times more useful than boiled, stewed and fried.

Products that have not been heat treated contain more vitamins and rough fiber, help to normalize metabolic processes in the body, fight the aging process and give a healthy glow to the skin.

Now Kate has been practicing only one raw food day a week, but gradually going to completely switch to this type of food. The Duchess approached the simple idea of a raw food diet with aristocratic elegance and created an exquisite menu for herself.

In the raw food days, Kate uses the following dishes:

  • Gazpacho - Andalusian cold soup, which is a mixture of grated raw vegetables and seasoned with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice;
  • Tabule - Libyan salad of raw cereals, vegetables and aromatic herbs, which the day insist in the refrigerator;
  • Ceviche - Peruvian dish of fish fillet marinated in a mixture of exotic citrus, hot pepper and seasonings.

The Duchess has long refused whole milk ≠ even on ordinary days, instead she drinks almond. And the role of desserts in her diet now play classic "raw" sweets. For example, Goji berries, fresh fruit salads and fragrant cantaloupe melon.

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So Far Kate Middleton is quite happy with the effect of her unique diet, but let's see how far she is willing to go for the sake of beauty and slim figure!

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