Lollipop diet for weight loss, reviews, menu

Candy diet is hard mono-diet. According to those who passed it, the diet is very effective. Minus 1-1.5 kg in the first days, and then the body continues to lose weight, as it can't recover from this "sugar shock". As a result, you can lose up to 8 extra pounds in one week.

Candy diet menu

Eat about 20-25 small candies Per day, which should be thoroughly absorbed in the mouth every time it appears hunger. You can buy fortified lollipops at the pharmacy.
You need to drink water, you can also drink unsweetened tea.

Sweet appetite suppressant, so dieting is not hungry.

However doctors in one voice argue: Lollipop diet is dangerous for health. Reacting to lollipops, the stomach produces gastric juice, and the filling of the digestive system does not occur, because the candy dissolves in the mouth! Therefore, this diet can be tried only if You can not wait to dramatically and quickly lose weight, but do not continue for more than three days.
The output of the Lollipop diet is similar get out of starvation.

A Gentle version of the Lollipop diet, this is a rejection of dinner, replace it three lollipops.

Reviews of the Lollipop diet:
    Thanks to the Friend of a diet for six months acquired a surprisingly thin waist. She was killing her appetite with caramels. But willpower is not a small thing. You have to convince yourself that you're fed up with a little candy, because the stomach is still empty.
    I think this is a very harmful diet. The candies because there are only carbohydrates! What about squirrels? And fats? What about vitamins and minerals? If you sit on a diet for a long time, you can buy lots of health problems. We have one.
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