Liver tube at home

Liver tube at homethe Liver is a filter for the human body. It passes through the blood is cleansed of toxins. It is very important that the liver functions normally. liver Cleansing at home in particular, the tube is a cleansing of the organ, removal of stagnation of bile and, in some cases, small stones from the gallbladder and ducts. It is recommended to perform when symptoms such as burping, a feeling of bitterness in the mouth and an unpleasant smell, problems with the intestine, pain in the right hypochondrium, earthy complexion, etc. Cleaning is easy to perform at home.

Preparing for the tube

Precedes the liver cleansing procedure – bowel cleansing, so as not to create obstacles to the removal of toxins from the body. The simplest, most radical way is enema. If you don't know how to do it, you can use softer versions – special and therapeutic yoga (prakshalana) exercise. One month before it is recommended to exclude alcohol from the intended procedure. A week before her switch to a vegetarian fast food.

Preparing for the tube

There Are several ways to perform the procedure. As choleretic agents are used:

  • sparkling mineral water;
  • sulfuric magnesium.
  • sorbitol;

Mineral water Tube water

Mineral water tube

The Easiest way. In advance you need to buy a bottle of mineral water (Borjomi, Essentuki). In the evening, before making a blind liver tube, open the bottle and leave at room temperature. Thus, the gas will be released overnight and the mineral water will remain without gas. It is important that it was warm (you can even warm up to 40-45S). This helps to relax the biliary tract. Ordinary rubber hot water bottle filled with hot (not searing) water and turns into a towel. Next, you need to lie down on the bed, drink a few SIPS of water, put the warmer on the liver and lie down for 5-7 minutes. These steps are repeated until the mineral water is over. Then you need to lie down for about half an hour.

Tube with sorbitol

Tube with sorbitol

Sorbitol is a substitute for sugar of plant origin. It is purchased at the pharmacy. 1 tbsp sorbitol dissolved in a glass of water (normal or non-carbonated mineral). The dosage is important not to exceed, because sorbitol has a laxative property. Further, the procedure is similar to the above – with the help of mineral water. Put the warmer on the liver area, drink water with sorbitol in small SIPS and hold for half an hour.

Magnesia Tube

Magnesium Sulphate is not absorbed in the intestines and has a laxative, telegony, antispasmodic in nature. For the procedure of tyubazh takes 1 tbsp of magnesia and also like sorbitol, it dissolves in a glass of mineral or ordinary water. The dosage should be strictly observed. After that, you need to lie down with a warmer in the liver, drink the solution in small SIPS and lie for half an hour.

Tube with sorbitol

There is an opposite position of the nature of the tube. Some experts recommend not to lie down after taking the solution, and perform a number of physical exercises – turns, slopes.

The Result of successful cleaning will be the waste of feces of dark green color. The urge to the toilet will be frequent, so you need to plan the event on the weekend. Perform a complete cleaning of the liver and ducts the skullcap is recommended once a week for 3 months.

Ends procedures tyubazh

The end of the procedure of the tube

The Correct exit from the procedure is also important. It is a gentle diet for the intestines and liver. You can eat:

  • carrot and Apple puree;
  • boiled beet, seasoned with vegetable oil;
  • steamed prunes;
  • porridge (except heavy – semolina, millet, pearl);
  • boiled vegetables.

Also very desirable to abandon pickles, smoked meat, spices, seasonings, pressing dishes.


Liver tube at home. Contraindications

The procedure of cleaning the liver should be treated responsibly. As you know, any medical manipulation can bring both harm and benefit. Carefully read the list of contraindications to the tube.

  1. Stones in the gallbladder (especially large size – more than 8 mm), clogging ducts.
  2. Exacerbation of chronic diseases of any nature.
  3. General malaise, fever.
  4. Skin problems localized in the liver (wounds, pustules, etc.)

Very good to consult with your doctor and possibly conduct a full medical examination, to avoid unpleasant consequences'.

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