Lisa Peskov told how lost 10 kg and showed photos

Lisa Peskova, the daughter of a Russian press Secretary and a popular blogger, now boasts an ideal figure, but this was not always the case. The girl admitted that she once had 10 kg of excess weight, and showed archival photos!

How thin Lisa Peskov

Lisa blames her six-month internship at the office for her weight gain, which she did not like.

"Honestly speaking, I understood that the office, Excel spreadsheets and routine work - in principle, it is not mine. I was not motivated, and I started to eat everything from Snickers and rolls, sitting all day in the workplace, to macaroni and cheese and burgers at home," Peskova shared on Instagram.

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The girl lost the regime, she stopped playing sports and for 4 months gained 10 kg of excess weight.

"I didn't fit, the parents called me fat and warned about the consequences", - she complained.

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Lisa stated that she did not support the bodypositive. She is sure that everyone is able to bring his figure in order. According to the girl, to lose weight, does not need "luxury gym" and expensive food, the main thing - perseverance, dedication and self-criticism.

After training Peskov changed their way of life to put in order the body and thoughts.

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"making Sure that the diet, calorie counting, etc. - a useless and ineffective thing, I calmed down and just started to lead a healthy lifestyle that suits my body," - said in Instagram Peskova.

She tries not to add in food salt, sugar and sauces. In her bag there is always a bottle of water, she drinks about 3 liters a day. Much attention Lisa exercise routine: alternate walking and running and perform strength exercises. After classes, she applies an anti-cellulite cream to the skin.

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Come in form of Lisa managed just over couple of months and now she often notes, that edifice be easily. According to the girl, the main thing is to listen to your body, to monitor your health and in any case do not eat out of boredom!

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