Life expectancy can be increased if the obesity gene is removed

Life expectancy can be increased if the obesity gene is removedthe Researchers from the us in the recent experiments established that the remote for experimental purposes the FAT10 gene in rodents is able to increase their life expectancy. The previously known gene for obesity, which delays fats in the body, was removed from experimental mice, as a result of which they began to consume more food, but no changes in weight were recorded in the direction of increase.

After removal of FAT10 mice kept their normal weight or lost weight, while eating more food than before the experiments. In addition, laboratory rodents began to live much longer. That is why experts have concluded about the huge benefits of gene modification obesities. So far, scientists see almost one advantage: overweight is reduced, the body ages more slowly and overall life expectancy increases by 20 percent.

Although not without a fly in the ointment: the mouse after the experiments began to look skinny, because scientists now have to study more closely the process of removing FAT10 to find a "middle ground" between weight loss and the normal state of the immune system.

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