Laxative for weight loss at home, reviews

Laxative for weight lossProbably a laxative for weight loss at home is the most harmful strategy for quickly getting rid of excess weight. I'm sure you've heard a lady say, "Oh, yesterday I ate at a Banquet, on the weekend I'll drink Senna and everything will pass." Well, specialized forums are filled with recipes for use of Bisacodyl, and even of fortrans with lavalla in order to reduce weight. By the way, the last words – the only thing true in this whole story with "skinny laxatives." The weight will really decrease. In the intestine of a healthy person, after all, up to 3 kg of feces. Should just bring them out, to achieve a slight dehydration after him, and, voila, the "Otocec fast"!

Types of laxatives for weight loss

Conditional, laxative splendor can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Natural fiber-based laxatives for weight loss and cleansing. It is a well-known natural laxatives "fitomutsil", various types of powder bran, and even a home recipe "kefir with bran on night". The action is based on an increase in the volume of feces and their natural evacuation under the pressure of gravity. Bran absorb water, the target product becomes more and you easily and joyfully run to the toilet. By and large, this is the only safe means to cleanse the intestines at weight loss, which helps, by the way, and reduce appetite by filling the gastrointestinal tract almost calorie-free cellular mass. Drink plenty of water, and gradually move from pharmacy fiber to natural, from vegetables and fruits.
  2. Mineral natural laxatives – magnesium, Glauber salt. These substances are lighter than water, due to which they simply "squeeze" fecal masses out of a person. The most "fun" part of the laxative world. Usually, a single reception of this tool is enough to ensure an interesting leisure time in the toilet for the whole day. In the former times, until the metal salts did not think to call the fortrans and sell for 600 rubles, that magnesium given to patients before abdominal surgery. Cause severe digestive disorders, wash out the intestinal flora, require restorative therapy with prebiotics.
  3. Natural oil preparations – vaseline (paraffin) oil, and, in folk medicine, all kinds of vegetable oils. Dr. Dukan, by the way, advises his patients to fill with paraffin oil salatiks. Laxatives themselves are not assimilated and pass through the gastrointestinal tract "as is", at the same time, "pulling out" everything that is. Perhaps the use of such oils is justified in a protein diet, but a healthy person with a diet rich in fiber, will not bring any benefits except diarrhea.
  4. Amplifiers peristalsis – Senna, Bisacodyl, sorbitol, and maltitol in large doses. This class causes real intestinal spasms, due to which a laxative effect occurs. However, in contrast to from our muscles, the intestine does not develop from external stimulation, but degrades. Gradually, a person gets used to "walk only with a pill", and gets constipation any attempt to abandon it.

Apart is laxative lavacol is a more humane equivalent of fortrans. It contains substances that block dehydration, but acts as "hurricane", carrying out all the useful flora.

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Why laxative for slimming harmful

First of all, weight loss with laxative causes unhealthy psychological dependence. Man behaves like an irresponsible child, ate, drank the pill, had passed didn't make it. Meanwhile, most of the carbohydrates managed to "suck into the blood" even before you think about laxative, and fats in the intestine also had time, not to mention proteins. Are excreted from the body only not containing calories leftover food.

Yes, it gives weight reduction the next morning. And a raise 3 days after massive overeating. A psychological dependence creates the illusion that you can overeat and lose weight at the same time. As a result, no persistent weight loss, only the alternation of reset-set 5 kg and lifelong passion for weight loss.

In Addition, laxative pills, for example, Senade, "accustom" the intestine to help, in other words, cause physical dependence. Refusal of pills is "rewarded" with massive constipation. The same cause and favorite slimming people tea with hay "for weight loss".

And still laxative leads to dehydration. Which, by the way, slows metabolism. But saving every calorie is not what we achieve with weight loss, is not it?

About consequences of in the form of dysbacteriosis, brittle nails and hair loss is even write it is not convenient. Everyone knows about it – the violation of the absorption of vitamins and nutrients has not made anyone beautiful and healthy.

And in the end, none of the dietitian is not recommended to use laxatives for weight loss. If you practice protein diet, add to it a fresh kefir and bran, but not tablet, and the desired effect will be achieved. In General, it's better to avoid diet-provocateurs constipation, at least not as the main diet for many months.

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