Laboratory analysis of vitamins, their quantitative content in the blood, the presence of Hypo-or hypervitaminosis

Information that vitamins and their necessary amount play an important, almost decisive role in the health of a living organism, is no surprise. Living in urban or rural environments does not allow full control of the diet, the consumption of ultraviolet light and, consequently, the amount of vitamins received and absorbed.

To adjust the work of the body or to prevent situations where you will need medical intervention, you can take a test for vitamins. Modern laboratories offer tests to prevent the development of:

  • hypovitaminosis;
  • beriberi;
  • hypervitaminosis;
  • imbalance of trace elements.

The Way to health begins with the correction of vitamin balance

Disease of an organ usually involves medical treatment associated with intervention at the cellular level. Analysis of vitamins makes it possible to understand how this intervention is possible to prevent or correct, if you get information about the presence of sufficient or excess vitamins in the body.

The Most common blood test for vitamins examines the concentration of the complex basic: A, D, E, K, C and b vitamins groups: B1, B5, B6. You can separately, according to the doctor or when clarifying the diagnosis, conduct a study of the content of water-soluble vitamins in the blood or, conversely, fat-soluble.

The Latter (these include A, D, E, K) are not excreted in excess of the body, and they tend to accumulate, which leads to their increased content and General intoxication.

The amount of each vitamin is determined By high performance liquid chromatography. Analysis of vitamins, its results and recommendations it is presented in the form of a multi-colored diagram, on the basis of which the doctor and the patient make a plan and schedule of medical and preventive measures.

Timely detection of different types of vitamin metabolism disorders

Vitamin Deficiency that does not lead to pathological changes and manifests itself in General ailments such as: fatigue, dizziness, insomnia or apathy – hypovitaminosis can be corrected by appropriate age and climatic conditions of living multivitamins.

If due to insufficient intake of vitamins individual organs begin to suffer and their deformation occurs, it is already a disease – beriberi and there is a need to pass tests for vitamins to prevent the development of pathology and deterioration of the whole body.

Micronutrient Content: no more, no less

In Addition to vitamins, the presence of trace elements in the required concentration – the same vital task. Studies show that in our country the problems are both a large deficiency in the body of trace elements, especially such as Zinc and Iodine, and exceeding the permissible concentration.

Residents of industrialized cities accumulate lead, copper, aluminum and other toxic metals that lead to poisoning. And since this happens gradually, only the analysis of vitamins and minerals can show what exactly is the cause of illness or poor health.

In Addition to the individual characteristics of the body, lifestyle, climatic conditions of residence, age, sex, health, there is also an individual intolerance, the ability to absorb certain elements. To pick up a corrective program to correct the violation of the balance, such an analysis, the blood on vitamins and minerals is a necessary, although not only one step on the path to finding health and eases.

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