Kombucha: useful properties, contraindications, reviews

Kombucha: benefits and harmsTea mushroom or "Japanese mushroom" is not one organism, but a whole group. Under this name, most often mean a symbiosis of one of the types of yeast fungi with bacteria. The fungus ferments sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide, and the bacteria convert alcohol to acetic acid. The first "tea mushrooms" appeared by themselves on someone forgotten sweet tea, people tried the drink, appreciated its sour refreshing taste, and later, learning about the benefits, have become to cultivate mushrooms on purpose.


Useful properties of Kombucha
How to grow a Kombucha
the Benefits of Kombucha for weight loss
How to care for a tea mushroom
Preparation of tincture

The Fungus is a thick layered mucous film floating on the surface of the liquid nutrient medium (sweet tea, juice).

Talk about the benefits and dangers use of tea mushroom.

The benefits of Kombuchathe Preparation of Kombucha

Useful properties of Kombucha

The Beneficial properties of Kombucha are due to the content of organic acetic acid, as well as trace elements, vitamins, tannin and kakhetins.

Infusion Kombucha contains gluconic, citric, lactic, acetic, malic, kojic acids, enzymes, ethanol, b Vitamins, vitamin C and PP, sugar, caffeine.

It is Known that Kombucha drink is useful. It is able to improve blood circulation, nutrition of internal organs, including the brain. This usually provokes a rush of energy and increases stamina of person. This action is possible, thanks to caffeine and tannins, which are part of the drink. However, in addition to stimulating the nervous system components, tea contains theobromine and theophylin, so its effects on the body softer than conventional tea or coffee. Many believe that the infusion of the fungus does not cause a "failure" of energy and the desire to recharge again, as is often the case with conventional coffee.

Modern medicine gives this product an easy therapeutic antibiotic property. To prevent the infusion of pathogenic bacteria, yeast fungus secretes a specific antibiotic, effective against staphylococci, pneumococci and streptococci. Mushroom tea can be useful for colds.

Weak acetic environment promotes sanitation of the oral cavity in diseases such as stomatitis, gingivitis, angina. However, if you have a sore throat or gums, after taking the drink should rinse your mouth.

Use Kombucha slimming

Many sources indicate that the infusion of Kombucha effective for weight loss, it suppresses increased appetite and helps fight overeating. Often write that the infusion of several speeds up metabolism, promotes faster processing of fats into energy, and weight loss.

The Truth is that tea mushroom infusion effectively removes excess liquid, invigorates and helps to maintain body tone, so mushroom tea is a place in the diet of those who follow a low-calorie diet. Hope that drink it will help to lose weight if you eat too much, it is not necessary, but to help control the appetite recipe "Kombucha for weight loss" is quite capable.

How to grow tea mushroom

how to grow a Kombuchait is Best to take "baby" from those who already grow Kombucha. Repeat the experience of "forgetting" tea in a Cup is not worth it, perhaps you will not get too useful drink, because no one can predict what kind of bacteria will be in symbiosis with yeast fungus in your case.

Place the fungus process in a clean three-liter jar. In a separate container, brew 100 g of ordinary black or green tea per 1 liter of water. Dissolve 30 to 60 grams of sugar. Cool the tea leaves and pour the mushroom (tilt the jar and pour the tea in a thin stream, carefully so as not to damage the mushroom).
Insist at room temperature (ideally 25-30 degrees), the product will be ready for use in 10-14 days.

    And for the hell of it will bring folk recipe: to grow Kombucha yourself, take 100-200 ml of strong black tea, dissolve in it 1 tablespoon with a slide of white or cane sugar, leave in a warm room for 20-36 hours. When a film is formed on the surface of the tea, carefully pour the infusion together with the young mushroom into the container in which you will grow the mushroom.

How to care for a tea mushroom

The Water in which floats the fungus, must be drained in winter every 5-6 days, and in the summer, 2-4 days.
The finished drink is drained through cheesecloth to the particles of the fungus did not get into it. Drink is drinkable immediately either pour in the bottle and put in refrigerator. On 7-8 days it acquires the basic healing properties. Besides chilled drink Kombucha better taste.

Preparation of tincture

It is Often advised to prepare a tincture of Kombucha for weight loss from green tea. You should know that this drink contains more caffeine than the usual version with black tea, and use it with more caution. However, neither yeast fungus or acetic acid bacteria do not process tea infusion, so if you want, you can grow a mushroom even with carcade, the acid component of the drink will not change.

Recipes with mushroom tea tincture for weight loss vary. Some authors advise to drink 1 glass of "mushroom kvass" on an empty stomach, and to refrain from Breakfast. Then drink half a Cup of "tea" before lunch and dinner to reduce appetite. From the point of view of modern dietetics, this option is not very promising.

    The Use of an acidic beverage on an empty stomach will have little cause heartburn and trigger increased appetite.

And the exception of Breakfast will slow the metabolism. As a result, promising to burn the morning hours your body will spend on "saving" calories, and in the afternoon you will be forced to deal with the banal overeating.

It is More reasonable to drink 200 ml of infusion half an hour before Breakfast, lunch and dinner, if the acidity of gastric juice is lowered, and, respectively, 100 ml half an hour before the main meal, if it is normal.


The beneficial properties of Kombucha
Contraindications to the use of infusion of Kombucha are:

  • increased acidity of gastric juice, Allergy to ingredients product's.
  • to Refrain from the use of the fungus is pregnant, allergies, lactating mothers, hypertensive patients, people with diseases of the kidneys and liver.

In any case, infusion can cause disorder digestion, so, introducing his in its???????????, try follow health.
Since the infusion of Kombucha contains acids and sugar, it can harm unhealthy teeth. After drinking, rinse your mouth water.

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