Kiwifruit: useful properties, how to choose kiwifruit | For weight loss and health

At first glance nondescript, brown-green ball, beautiful green flesh, the taste of peach and gooseberries at the same time, it's all about him, the king of vitamins – kiwi.

Home of the kiwi is considered to be China – there was born a twining Liana, which was used for the treatment of cancer. At the end of the 19th century kiwi was brought to Europe as a decoration. And in the early 20th century, this fruit was in New Zealand, where he began his March around the world.

Kiwi – champion among fruits and berries according to the content of vitamin C. Only two fruits per day satisfy the daily dose of an adult in this vitamin. Thanks to potassium in its composition, this fruit reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It is also rich in pectin, fiber, magnesium. The composition of vitamins in kiwi is as follows: A, PP, B1,B2, B6, B12.

One kiwi fruit, eaten after a hearty meal, will relieve the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. How pineapple and grapefruit kiwis also contribute to the breakdown of fats.

To the beneficial properties of kiwifruit also include:

  • immune system strengthening;
  • the acceleration of the exchange substances;
  • support in normal hormonal levels of the body;
  • stimulation of muscles and improving bone mineral density;
  • neutralization of nitrate action.

Kiwi fruit From the fruit cooked jam, jam, jam. And fresh use in two ways:

1. Peel and cut into circles across.
2. Cut lengthwise in half and a spoon choose juicy pulp.

Kiwi can be added to vegetable and fruit salads, to serve with fish and chicken.

How to choose the most useful kiwi fruit? It must be soft, otherwise, its taste will be fresh. Large fruits slightly flattened shape tastier than their perfectly round counterparts. Well, the fact that the fruits should be without wrinkles on the skin and not rotten – it is clear by itself.
If you bought a slightly unripe fruit – put it on one plate with bananas and apples. It is believed that so he "reaches the condition" much faster.

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