Kefir diet of Yana Rudkovskaya: minus 12 kg for a month and a half

Celebrities it is important in any circumstances look well. This is well understood and TV presenter Yana Rudkovskaya, who after birth weighed 62 kg instead of the usual 50. So she actively began to create its signature diets.

Even before the birth of the presenter from time to time arranged a fasting days on kefir, and after – she developed a full diet, which includes 3 stages. Kefir diet from Yana Rudkovskaya hard enough, however, it allows you to build in the shortest possible time.

Stages and rules of kefir diet

The First two stages of the diet take 12 days. During this time, Yana managed to lose 7 kg. But the remaining 5 kg of excess weight leading dropped for a month.

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Stages of kefir diet:

1. In the first 5 days of the diet allowed to drink only 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt. This volume should be divided into 6 portions and taken at regular intervals. The TV presenter claims that it is difficult to withstand such food only at first.

2. Then the diet must enter the chicken broth (should consume it 2 times a day). For dessert, you can eat one Apple. But the number drinking kefir will have to be reduced to 1 liter per day. This diet should be followed for a week.

3. the Last stage takes a month. Low-fat varieties of meat and fish, low-starch vegetables and fruits, whole-grain products are introduced into the diet. A sweet, flour, fat, fried and salted strictly prohibited. During the month, you still need to drink kefir daily, but it is allowed to reduce its amount.

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Note! During the diet, Yana Rudkovskaya constantly did a massage with using care products so that the body does not lose tone. Also, she did not forget to take care of the face, which can easily droop with rapid weight loss. The TV presenter has regularly used masochki and moisturizer.

Incredible willpower helped Yana Rudkovskaya to withstand a strict kefir diet and lose 12 kilograms in a short time. After that, the TV presenter put in her office and at home as many mirrors as possible to look at her own reflection, not to give a "bloom"!

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