Kefir diet

It's no secret that kefir is the most useful dairy product, which perfectly absorbed by any human body. Kefir is considered to be not only an excellent preventive, but also an amazing remedy. This dairy product is endowed with a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. With its help, you can normalize all the functions of the intestine, it has a beneficial effect on the skin, nails and hair, and also has a therapeutic effect on the whole body. Plus, all the diet, which includes yogurt, very quickly relieve a person of excess fat.

Modern nutritionists distinguish ten basic kefir diets. One of them is the kefir monodieta, which provides for a three-day consumption of kefir, and only it. Every day a person needs to drink from one to one and a half liters of fresh kefir. In any case, kefir should not be sweet. A liter of kefir should be divided into five to six times and drink it during the day. In keeping with this kefir diets for three days can be to lose weight least on three kilograms.

There is another kefir diet. This diet should be followed for three weeks. With its help, you can get rid of ten extra pounds. Throughout this time, you should drink as much kefir as possible and consume low-calorie foods.

To aid winter kefir diets you can use no more than once per month. To comply with such a diet it takes no more than three days.

To date, quite often people resort to the help and kefir-fruit diet. This diet involves the consumption of kefir and fruit in quantities that bring a sense of saturation. Such kefir diet not suitable for everyone with a weak stomach, it is better not to use.

After holidays be appropriate unloading kefir diet. It will help the human body to relax, while pushing into the background feeling over-saturated.

The "Striped" kefir diet differs from many others in its simplicity. Kefir should be drunk only one day. And it should only be kefir. But on the second day a person can eat whatever his heart desires.

Kefir-Apple diet must be observed for nine days. Very often it causes a person a feeling of weakness. If this happens, you need to diversify your diet with a small amount of protein and carbohydrates'.

Nine-Day kefir diet is characterized by its rigidity. It allows you to lose a really large number of pounds. However, it should be remembered that after it all the food consumed by a person should also be low-calorie.

Eight-Day kefir diet is a diet that is not able to provide the human body with all the necessary substances for its normal performance. This diet is not suitable for everyone. Exactly therefore, before you start to comply with it, it is necessary to consult with a dietitian. If a person has any disease, such a diet is strictly contraindicated. First you need to contact a medical institution for advice and purchase in pharmacy preparations for the treatment of this disease.

The Weekly kefir diet includes a variety of foods. All they should not have in its composition nor of salt, nor the sahara. This is important. By the way,kefir diet for 7 days, is considered the most easy and enough effective.

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