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kefir cucumber dietCucumber kefir diet is a great way for those who need to freshen up before the holiday season or any significant event in their personal lives. The diet is extremely effective: in a short time allows you to remove excess fat from the waist, hips and abdomen. But it is extremely harsh. That, however, does not detract from it popularities.


Diet on cucumber kefir cocktails
Week diet on kefir and cucumbers
Cucumber kefir diet: contraindications and recommendations

It is simple, accessible, democratic. It does not require a lot of money for the purchase of products, does not steal time for cooking diet dishes.

    Strictly speaking, kefir-cucumber diet is a symbiosis of two diets: cucumber and kefir. Many times was on these mono-diet or make unloading on cucumbers or kefir.

Kefir – wonderful dietary product. It is easily absorbed, does not irritate the stomach wall. In its composition there is lactic acid, which helps food to move faster through the intestine and it is not deposited in the fat depot.

  • Fresh cucumbers no wonder called the "illusion" of food. They do not get fat, as cucumber is a kind of barrel of water (more than 95%). Moreover, the water is not simple, but structured, "living."
  • Green cucumber contains also truly magic tartronic acid, it does not allow carbohydrates to turn into fats.
  • And finally, in cucumbers there are enzymes that promote the assimilation of proteins of animal origin. Therefore, green cucumbers is compatible with yogurt.

There are several variants of this cucumber kefir diet. We offer the most popular of them.
Kefir-cucumber diet

Diet on cucumber kefir cocktails

The authorship of the recipe yogurt-cucumber cocktail according to rumors, Alla Pugacheva. This diet is not only the most effective, but also the most stringent of all cucumber-kefir weight loss programs.

Basic principle of diet: for 3 - 5 days drink only cucumber-kefir cocktail.
Preparing a drink is simple: one cucumber to grate, pour a liter and a half of low-fat kefir, mix well. To improve the taste and replenish the body with minerals and vitamins, finely chopped greens are added to the cocktail. Drink it on a glass every two-three hours during the day.

Other food is strictly prohibited. Diet although tough, but perfectly satisfies hunger and at the same time "burns" excess weight – up to 2 kilograms per day.

Store these cocktails you can't cook. Every day buy fresh yogurt, cucumbers, it is desirable to take directly from the garden.

This extreme diet is not recommended for more than 5 days. It can cause serious stress to the whole body. Usually this method of weight loss is resorted to in cases where it is necessary in a short time to get rid of 5-6 kilograms of excess weight.

Weekly diet on kefir and cucumbers

This version of the diet on cucumbers and yogurt are less stringent.

Throughout the week, every day should drink half to two liters of fresh low-fat yogurt and eat half a kilogram of cucumbers.

Cucumbers can be eaten whole or make them their salads, adding greens – dill, parsley and flavored with lemon juice or vegetable oil.

To during the seven days of the diet you have not experienced weakness, loss of strength, in the daily diet, add a serving of lean fish (100 grams ) – baked or steamed.

As such, the daily menu of kefir-cucumber slimming system does not exist. Everyone is free show imagination in its preparation.

    For Example, for Breakfast – cucumber salad with greens and a glass of kefir.
    One or two of cucumber for lunch and an afternoon snack.
    Drink kefir in an hour.
    For lunch, prepare a simplified version of okroshka: pour yogurt finely chopped cucumbers, add dill and parsley.
    For dinner – salad dressed with olive oil.
    Do not forget to drink kefir during the day and before going to bed.

Kefir-cucumber diet
Since this diet plentifully displays liquid, replenish its reserves. Drink still mineral water, green or herbal teas without sugar.

More than seven days kefir-cucumber diet can not be used. Try after it is complete, go to proper diet for weight loss if you don't want to gain weight again.

Cucumber kefir diet: contraindications and recommendations

Consult your doctor Before losing weight on cucumbers and kefir. Cucumber kefir diet can not be used in exacerbations of kidney disease, gastric ulcer, gastritis with high acidity, colitis.

Weight Loss on cucumbers and kefir is contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It is undesirable to start this diet during menstruation, especially if you find it difficult to tolerate "critical" days.

Diet on kefir and cucumbers is complex from a purely psychological point of view. There is no variety of appetizing and high-calorie products on the dining table. If you doubt that you will hold on to such a strict diet until the recommended time, it is better to first arrange one or two fasting kefir-cucumber days a week. And then it becomes clear how your body takes the products offered by the diet.

If the fasting day is comfortable, you can safely use the Express diet on kefir-cucumber cocktails or a seven-day version of weight loss on cucumbers and kefir.

Remember: not everyone can move the sharp jumps in the diet. Follow the Golden rule when choosing a diet: "do No harm!"

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