Kefir-buckwheat diet: weight loss results, reviews how to get out of the buckwheat diet

Kefir-buckwheat dietBuckwheat diet (as well as its kind of kefir-buckwheat diet) has long been popular among slimming due to the results, and although this diet is simple: eat buckwheat and lose weight, but there are many questions about its observance.

  • Details menu buckwheat diet for 7-14 days and tips on how to comply with the ABC of Diets can be found in the article buckwheat diet for weight loss.

On this the page presents some reviews and results of weight loss on the buckwheat diet, left by visitors to our site. Perhaps you will find answers to your questions among them.

Note that the results of weight loss on the buckwheat diet are both positive and negative: from those who could not lose weight or who have health problems.
A healthy person will endure 7-14 days of buckwheat diet normally.

    If you have problems with blood vessels, the tendency to anemia, low blood pressure or other health problems need to consult a doctor.

Be Sure to drink vitamins, better if it is a complex of vitamins and minerals.
Should definitely have buckwheat so much that was not tormented by hunger. Otherwise, it is not a diet, but starvation, with all his shortcomings.

It is Widely believed that the buckwheat diet is not like the owners of the 3 blood groups, but there are those who have 3 group and lost weight on this diet.

There are 2 buckwheat diet menus:

  • buckwheat-kefir diet involves the use of buckwheat and low-fat kefir,
  • the second option – eat only buckwheat porridge (steamed buckwheat).

advice from ABC Diets: do not sit on buckwheat porridge alone for longer than 7 days, in the second week of the diet be sure to add protein: kefir, cottage cheese or egg. Otherwise, you will lose weight only at the expense of muscle tissue, and then gain the same kg, but fat, while in the volumes you will lose!

More than 2 weeks on the mono-diet sit does not make sense: the body gets used and weight ceases to leave (read more: effect plateau).

How you can diversify the menu of buckwheat diet

Below are excerpts from reviews lost weight on kefir-buckwheat diet.

  1. hi girls I want to recommend to all of you who are sitting on the buckwheat...Drink green tea leaf with lemon and ginger...ginger Root can be bought in the market or in the vegetable stall, I just cut it to tea small pieces...the Feeling of hunger is very well inhibited and ginger tea promotes weight loss.
  2. To overcome depression, eat dried fruits (this many helps).
  3. In the morning I eat 4 prunes with herbal tea (to intestines working well and the head does not hurt from a lack of glucose) and full-day buckwheat + herbal teas. And be SURE multivitamin complex.
  4. At night after a day of buckwheat diet it is better a glass of skim kefir to drink. I decoction of rose hips without honey and kefir drown out hunger. I eat 5-6 dried fruits a day.
  5. Usually a two-week run stand normally, but make a break in the middle of the two kefir or Apple cider day. Drink special supplements – vitamins Vitrum beauty for example super for hair and nails, etc., and even drink the "Essliver Forte" to the liver excretes toxins from the body more iodine is necessary.
  6. After the 4th day, when the hot-favorite buckwheat ceased to be such, I am ready, swollen, before use, a little on the dry squartucci to fry, like she was a different taste, sometimes crispy! Eat now, my pleasure!!!
  7. And in the morning, half an hour before eating, immediately after waking drink a glass of warm water with a spoon of honey, so that the brain worked and her head wasn't spinning.
  8. Body needs in liquid food, so for two weeks buckwheat is not sick, try at lunch time to eat pontarelli vegetable broth, but without the potatoes (carrots, onions and cabbage).
  9. Starving at night – do not torture yourself, and drink the same water-diluted kefir at night, nothing terrible will happen, and the body will only say thank you!
  10. the first two days frightening aching head (lack of glucose and carbs) and basically in the toilet with this diet to go is very difficult. Plus the weakness and some inhibition. It is better to add 200 grams of cherries plus something laxative. And in the rest of the super diet! Good luck! Stand the first 3 days, and everything will go like clockwork!

How to get out of the buckwheat diet

Board on the diet experienced dietic :)

To save the result of weight loss, you need three days to eat everything, but calories per 600, and then a couple of weeks in the 1200-1500ккал and the weight will not return.

Recommendation from ABC Diets: how to get out of the buckwheat diet not to gain weight back.

The story of successful weight loss from Toffee

Hi there all! A year ago at the height 170 weighed 95 kg, now my weight is 61. I want to say that I started with the buckwheat diet, it gave me a strong push. Now I can afford everything at the same time I know that 2 times a week I will eat only buckwheat.
First I tough 2 weeks strict diet, got rid of 8 lbs. Then I began to listen to your body and eat when I felt hungry. I tried not to overeat, ate until light saturation in the stomach. If you really want something sweet or flour and tried to eat it before 12. No food after 6, except maybe kefir or an Apple. And during the day ate only compatible products. To be honest it was very hard to adjust, I used nothing does not refuse. But every time I see the reflection in the mirror realized that all was not in vain.
I continued sit on GD, but only then, when sheets that will be able withstand buckwheat. Of course, I love her, but not to this extent))) I did it for 2 weeks in 3 months.
Now, later year, my attitude to food has changed and if I allow itself something more (usually this on holidays), then one (and sometimes 2) days QD in week be satisfied with.

Share your impressions about diet and results, lose weight in the company easier :)

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