Jogging for weight loss or other types of fitness: what to choose?

Jogging for weight lossOh, how often beginners are advised to run for weight loss! Go to any women's diet-forum, and you will definitely see a couple of reviews in the spirit "than to sit on the couch and suffer from hunger to lose weight, it is better nutrition and a morning jog in the Park." Usually such write or inveterate fans of running, or young people, but an essence not in a gender sign or sports preferences.

Actually, even run on place to lose weight by the, for inexpensive, is available almost all, not requires special skills and quite democratic in terms of equipment. So why do we choose between running and "something else"? Yes, just no one and nothing in this world is perfect. And training, even the most useful and wonderful, may simply not apply to you.

Running or walking for weight loss?

For the first option allows with certainty "vote" heightened consumption calories. Even "Jogging" 8 km/h allows you to spend more than 80 kcal for 10 minutes of exercise at its own weight of 70 kg. While walking is behind, on average, 20 kcal/10 min.

Strictly speaking, the difference will not such significant, if match, how many can pass and run newcomer in not too good physical form. If you are sure that running for more than 20 minutes in a row is an impossible task for you, you should do a quick walk, just increase the training time, for example, from half an hour to 40 minutes to improve results.

Walking should definitely be chosen by novice athletes in a state of pregnancy or recovery period after childbirth. Also it will be more safe for people with a strong scoliosis, injuries of the joints, a large overweight. But it is better to run for those who dream not just to lose weight, but also to significantly improve physical shape.

Running or swimming for weight loss?

Interval swimming for weight loss is no less effective than interval running. Swimming has the following advantages:

  • the effect of massage, which reduces cellulite and skin tightening;
  • additional elaboration of "deep" muscles responsible for posture and body volume;
  • reducing the shock load on the joints;
  • rehabilitation effect for kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract due to different distribution of forces in water.

However, judging by the reviews of ordinary users, Jogging is still more effective for weight loss. The thing is, most people ... can't swim fast. And the main "chip" fat burning, after all, is not in the air or in the water you are moving, and the speed with which the movement. If by swimming you mean hanging on the side or sluggish fingering limbs, a special sense of such exercises, of course, do not have to wait. However, if the choice is between swimming and lying on the couch, swimming is definitely worth it.

But sports swimming, especially the alternation of sprints at maximum effort and a relaxing swim-intensive styles of the type of crawl and breaststroke may compete with running in terms of calories burned. In addition, swimming better involves the muscles of the back and middle of the body, and significantly improves the figure of the "Apple", building a beautiful line of shoulders and waist.

The Only thing you should not compare running with is strength training in the gym, weight lifting and classes on system TABATA. The principle of "work" of power lessons is completely different – they accelerate the metabolism of a person at rest, increase calorie consumption when you rest, and give beautiful shape to the muscles.

And running to lose weight burns calories, improves heart function, makes you more resilient, and helps you recover from strength training. So choose, as usual, have to your taste, and remember that only a reasonable combination of different types of fitness will lead you to slimness and health.

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