Jillian Michaels slender figure within 30 days (30 day shred video)

30 day shred Gillian Michaels30 day shred Gillian Michaels is a real lifesaver for busy pre-holiday days. If you start training today, you will have to continue the long new year holidays. And the first days of January will be cheerful and joyful, and you will go to work one or two sizes smaller.

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Naturally, this refers to those of us who have the "oznakomlenie" if you are slim, you still try the 30 day shred Jillian Michaels – this exercise will give you a charge of vivacity for the whole day and will help to strengthen the heart and to tighten the muscles. It's also the fastest video tutorial I've ever seen. One training Gillian Michaels "slim figure in 30 days" level 1, takes only 20 minutes.

Inventory for 30 day shred Gillian Michaels

  • Own body in comfortable sports form (girls, wear sportbra or simply convenient bodice on broad straps!);
  • (Sneakers, at least, can do in socks, bed, on the floor a thick blanket, but it creates an additional burden on the small muscles of the foot and is quite traumatic for the ankle);
  • Pair of dumbbells. Beginners can take a bottle of water 0, 6 liters, but it is better to buy dumbbells weighing from 0.5 to 3 kg in any large chain supermarket, they are inexpensive, but the purchase that is called, on century. I do with dumbbells weighing 5 kg, this is an advanced level.
  • 20 minutes time. You can make a Shred in the morning, even before Breakfast. You will not have time to Deplete the strength of the body, but to cheer up – very much. In addition, Gillian Michaels always has a very high quality workout, so your joints and spine will be fine even after morning workouts

Slim figure in 30 days from Jillian Michaels: how to make Shred?

With full dedication and every day! In the first 10 days you will practice on the video of the first level, in the next 10 days – the second level, and complete the cycle of 10 trainings of the third level. Days of rest are not provided by the program – but the classes last only 20 minutes. Try this program, you are sure to lose weight, become more energetic and in the New year will be able to join the ranks of athletes! Start today!

First level

Second level

Third level

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