Jelly "Exotic"

Jelly "Exotic"Really low-calorie and delicious dessert, which is suitable for any holiday table.

So, we soaked gelatin (can be a bit stronger than you suggest on the packaging ). Leave to swell. Prepare juice from your favorite berries (I have strawberry), berries can take and frozen. Brew the berries with hot water, add sugar to taste (take into account that our juice syrup is further diluted with dissolved gelatin).

This will our pink layer of jelly (or almost Burgundy, if you take the currant). For the soft cream layer, I took a ready-made "Mazhitel – exotic" (this is a juice drink based on whey).

Filter the berry juice (a little less than a glass). The same take of "Mazhitel". Warm up, but do not boil, swollen gelatin, and begin to "collect" our dessert.

Mix Half of the finished gelatin with the "Majorette" , pour into molds, filling about half (a little leave on the third layer), send to the refrigerator for about half an hour-an hour. Jelly needs a little to set. We get, pour on top of the berry layer (remaining for mixing with the Morse gelatin of course heated). Again, remove the refrigerator.

Third layer make from the remnants of mazhitel with gelatin (of course also heated first). The top of the dessert is decorated with pieces of fresh fruit and candied fruit, send back to the refrigerator. In a couple of hours we get and enjoy.

Jelly "Exotic"

Author: Julia 44

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