It works! 5 main tips for keeping the brain young

Once upon a time people didn't even dream to live up to 40 years, but now we have all chances live a couple of decades longer. That's just over the years the brain is more difficult to do their job: increasing distraction, there are difficulties with memorizing information and speed of thinking.

To save preserve his youth, is worth use 5 working tips!

1. Learn foreign languages

Foreign studies languages stimulates the work of all parts of the brain and several times increases their electrical activity. Especially if not limited to a tourist set of phrases, and delve into the cultural nuances.

2. Create a rainbow in plate

What do you need to eat to keep your brain young? Pay attention to the products of bright color, as they contain a maximum of antioxidants. Red, green, blue and orange vegetables and fruits are the best allies in the fight against brain aging.

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3. Maintain physical activity

Cardio (fast walking, running, swimming, Cycling) activates blood circulation and nourishes the brain with oxygen. In addition, they may have the same effect as a small dose of antidepressants. Exercise at least 1.5 hours per week.

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4. Read more

The more unusual and complex the material, the better. Intricate speech constructions, rare words, scientific and educational articles and poems - all it is very useful for brain activity. Getting new information, the brain builds new neural connections that prevent dementia.

5. Stop the flow of criticism

"What a terrible fashion!", "How uncomfortable to sit on this new bench!", "Who thought of building such an ugly building!"- such phrases signal that you are resisting changes.

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However will it is better if you stop the flow of criticism and focus on something positive. Your internal dialogue may be as follows: "New menu in your favorite cafe? Great, the old dishes are getting old!".

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Apply these tips comprehensively to keep your brain young as long as possible. And one day, when your grandson boasts of a new unusual gadget, you will not say: "What is it?", and ask: "Where it can be bought?".

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