Is the diet effective for the blood group and why it helps many to lose weight

The Peak of popularity of the blood type diet is over, but many people continue to use this technique. And new followers from time to time appear. And although doctors laugh at the blood diet, it helps a lot. What is it?

Let's look at the myths and facts about this diet to get to the truth.

The Essence of the diet according to blood group

The Founders of this technique are father and son - Peter and James D'adamo. Their book, replete with medical terms and pseudoscientific conclusions, sold 6 million copies. It says that the use of unusual for its blood group products leads to poor digestion and weight gain.

According to the theory of the authors of the diet, the first group of blood hunters, the CRO-magnons. Therefore, all its carriers should eat mostly meat. But the use of carbohydrates (cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc.) should be limited.

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The Second group of blood appeared with the development of agriculture, therefore its holders are advised to consume mostly plant-based diet.

The Third group of blood arose in connection with the migration of people to the Northern regions, so the "nomads" need to consume a large amount of dairy products and abandon grain.

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The Fourth blood group is a combination of all the above groups. Its owners should eat mainly vegetables, seafood and cereals. And beef and beans should be discarded.

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Where truth, and where distortion scientific facts

First, Peter and James D'adamo in the groundwork his????? lay 4 blood groups, which we know from school. However, this division is quite conditional and superficial. In fact, there are more than a hundred groups that distinguish countless signs.

Secondly, the hypothesis about the historical origin of blood groups is fundamentally wrong. Recent studies show that at first there were II or III blood groups.

Why many diet on group blood helps to lose weight

Absolutely all Peter and James D'adamo prescribes to abandon processed foods and simple carbohydrates. This is enough to lose a little weight and improve health, regardless of blood type.

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Though sometimes this technique can cause harm. For example, the owners of the third group of blood is recommended to use mainly dairy products, but people with lactose intolerance such a diet will bring digestive problems.

The Theory that you need to eat in accordance with blood type, totally unscientific. However, if you still intend to try this technique, be sure to consult with a dietitian! And Yes, this diet is not exactly the best!

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