Is it possible to use veroshpiron for weight loss: risks and dangers

Is it possible to use veroshpiron for weight loss: risks and dangers

There Is an opinion that veroshpiron cleanses the body and promotes weight loss, because it removes excess fluid with various harmful substances to humans. But that's not quite true. This drug really has an active diuretic effect. Assign it to people with pathological edema of various origins. These tablets also have a potash-saving property, which is very important, because with large fluid losses there is a risk of deficiency essential element of the body. This medication verospiron different from the cheap imitations of type of furosemide.

From what pills veroshpiron

Medical reference this drug refers exclusively to diuretic remedies, verospiron for weight loss do not use. Verospiron apply:

  • at high blood pressure, fluid withdrawal helps to reduce it;
  • in case of nephrosis to partially replace the function kidney;
  • with fluid retention, as a symptomatic treatment, provided that the body has no deficiency of trace elements such as potassium and calcium;
  • in some conditions during pregnancy, also to remove excess water.

Is it possible to use veroshpiron for weight loss: risks and dangers

In various forums you can find many messages as someone got rid of one to two pounds with the help of tablets verospiron. But the effect is only in the removal from the body of liquid, which he quickly returns. Therefore, the result is, but it lasts a very short period. "Return" of weight provokes panic, and systematic eating of pills begins. Yes, and often in tandem with various stimulants, such as caffeine.

Is it possible to use veroshpiron for weight loss: risks and dangers

How to accept veroshpiron and not dangerous whether he

How long you can take veroshpiron, should be decided only by the doctor, weighing the severity of the condition and the possible consequences for the body. Independently assign yourself these pills, trying to quickly lose weight to any event, can only frivolous young ladies, which, by the way, the inscription on the package "does not display potassium" is often misleading. Potassium is very important for the body: it is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart muscle and regulates the water-salt balance. Some analogues of veroshpiron derive it in large quantities. But, in addition to potassium, calcium and sodium are also important for the body, and veroshpiron copes with their withdrawal. If the drug is overdosed, the pathological lack of water and trace elements will not be possible to fill the usual drink, critical dehydration is treated in hospitals with droppers'.

When edema appears, first of all, you need to think about what they came from, and not about how to quickly get rid of such a cosmetic defect. Edema can be a physiological norm in the following situations:

  • after eating salty dishes;
  • after intense strength training;
  • before monthly.

Correct the water balance in the body can be rejection of salt and except for any liquids other than plain water. It will also be useful to diversify your diet with vegetables, especially cucumbers and celery. In the case of intense physical activity to limit the consumption of salt is not necessary, you can try to "run out" for 30 minutes the excess liquid on the treadmill, it is likely that the swelling will quickly go away. In this case, swelling is short-term, it can pass itself in 4-5 hours.

Is it possible to use veroshpiron for weight loss: risks and dangers

Despite the fact, that there is a liquid in the composition of the fat cell, its illiterate excretion with the help of veroshpiron and analogues is a real threat not only to health but also to life. In addition, the fat cell also contains lipids, and their output will help only properly composed diet.

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