Is it possible to lose weight quickly without harm to health

Our body converts excess calories into fat cells, which eventually grow and "stick" to the waist, hips and other problem areas. Many women, instead of gradually getting rid of them, resort to radical methods – strict diets and even hunger strikes.

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The desire to have a great body representatives of the beautiful half of humanity not think about the consequences, but experts have long pointed out that rapid weight loss without harm to health is impossible. For rapid weight loss always have to pay. Next, we consider the main consequences of rapid weight loss for the body, and find out what is the normal rate of weight loss.

Major health effects

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Weakened immune system

Colds, headaches, chronic fatigue, cycle failure – this is an incomplete list of the consequences faced by women resorting to radical methods of weight loss. According to studies, the immune system in rapidly losing weight is twice weaker than those who lose weight gradually.

Flabby skin

When it comes to losing weight just a couple of sizes, it is necessary to be very careful. After all, with rapid weight loss, the skin does not have time to shrink and, as a result, it becomes flabby. Especially often this problem occurs in Smoking girls and ladies aged.

Muscle Loss

When fast weight loss women not basically lose fat and muscle. Each lost kilogram of muscle causes a slowdown in metabolism 10%. This means that the food will be poorly absorbed and transformed into fat.


To lose weight quickly, women strictly limit their diet, which leads to a lack of substances in the body responsible for the production of hormones of joy, psycho-emotional state of the person and mental activity. These substances include omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, magnesium, b vitamins and vitamin D.

Weight loss rate per month

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The Specific weight loss rate for all people cannot be determined. For a girl who weighs 60 kg, this value will be one thing, and for a man with a weight of 130 kg – quite another.

However, the experts came to the conclusion that it is safe for the body within a month you can throw maximum 5% of initial body weight. In this case, the lost weight is not it will be perceived by the body as a temporary measure.

Do Not try to quickly drop the pounds that accumulated for several months. After bringing the body to exhaustion, you will not look more attractive, but only harm your health. Lose weight gradually and then the result will only please you.

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