Is it easy not to have dinner or "dinner minus" | For weight loss and health

So, you decided to follow American diet ("dinner minus"), as same hold from food after 17.00.

Should Start until the promised hour – first of all, don't skip lunch.
Second, if you come from work or school after 17.00, of course it is very difficult to resist and not to eat, because lunch was a long time ago, and you came home, relaxed... So before 17.00 is to make a light meal. It should not be heavy food, because the food is fatter and more abundant, the more you want to eat after a couple of hours. The best option is fruit or dried fruits, cheese, nuts.

The First tip, particularly suitable for those who just started to follow that food: don't sit at home at night, it is possible to exercise, go to the pool or any useful courses. If you are studying, and you need to prepare for classes – go to the library. Finally, just take a walk.

After All even if you live alone, and no one will beckon you all sorts of Goodies, you always remember that you have something to eat. What can we say, if having dinner at home households and lure you with very tasty food.

When you get home – do not go to the store, and if came don't buy what you can eat, immediately, coming home.

So, you came home, the best way to fool your appetite, if you really want to eat – go to bed. At the same time, you can sincerely promise yourself that for Breakfast you will eat whatever you want.

If you sit homes – whip sense of hunger will help tea black or green, mineral water. And yet – sports exercise if you have a good workout, then 2-3 hours is not desirable.

If same you came home very hungry, it is better to afford a light dinner immediately than to eat before going to bed. Nutritionists say that less than two hours before sleep is harmful. In any case, if you want to keep your figure, and health, it is worth remembering that the evening is not the best time for fatty heavy food.

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