Interval training: exercises, program

To burn excess fat it is recommended to do interval training, combining them with a diet. With regular classes in compliance with the correct exercise technique, it is possible to get rid of significant volumes, converting fat into energy for muscles. Speed of fat-burning interval training is superior to cardio in a few times.

What is interval training?

Under interval training understand the alternation of minimum and maximum load. At the stage of intensive exercises, anaerobic mode of the body is carried out, with a decrease in intensity – aerobic. In the first case, carbohydrates are converted into energy necessary for muscle work. Oxygen does not take part in oxidation processes. In the second case, fats act as a source of energy.

Benefits of interval training

The Main advantage of the sports program of interval training is the rapid burning of fat, which is very important for weight loss. In addition, there are others pros:

  • Increase muscle power – when muscle fibers become stronger, they will help easier and longer fulfill several exercises.
  • time Saving – interval training allows you to achieve results much faster than cardio.
  • Restoration of metabolic processes – fats continue to burn even after the end of the coaching received.
  • power Enhancement and body endurance – increasing aerobic threshold improves performance.
  • Reduced likelihood of injury – thanks to the alternation of exercises of different intensity on the muscles is not under heavy load, they have time to relax.
  • Greater pleasure from classes, because they differ diversity.

In Addition, due to interval training improves the work of the heart muscle.

Note! To avoid depletion of the body is not recommended to train more than 3 times a week. If the load does not seem sufficient, you can increase the time of classes.

Rules for the implementation of interval training

Trainers do not recommend to only do interval training more than two months. It is desirable to combine the program of interval training with others types of load. For example, it is ideal to alternate interval training and cardio classes. Otherwise, "burnout"is possible.

The Basic rules of interval training are as follows:

  • Interval training is not suitable for intensive regimen and duration, as it will lead to fatigue and rapid depletion of the body, as well as harm the process of gaining muscle mass.
  • every day you should not perform such exercise, you need to take breaks to rest the muscles.
  • depending on the length of the intervals and the intensity of the exercises, different results can be achieved.
  • Fragments of interval training can be included in the training program according to the usual scheme, which will increase its efficiency.

By Following these simple rules, you can achieve quick results from the interval trainings'.


There are the following types of interval training:

  1. Fit Mix. This program was created by instructor L. Zaitsev. It consists of Pilates, strength training, fit Boxing, breathing exercises. According to the developer, this program of interval training will quickly help to solve the problem with extra pounds, strengthen muscles, make them strong, and figure taut.
  2. TABATA Technique. shows a type of interval training is that it is painted all the way down to the second. Active training with alternating load is held for 4 minutes. Exercise is chosen at random. Judging by the reviews, the method of TABATA is effective and does not require much time to get the result.
  3. Method Fartlek. This interval training program is based on one race, in which alternately changes the pace. First you need to run as fast as possible, and then measured.

Interval training program: exercises

An Effective interval training program need not be complicated. Usually, on the contrary, it is simple, but quite progressive. The following exercises for interval training are known:

  • running on the treadmill;
  • classes at exercise bike;
  • swimming in the pool;
  • walking not skiing.

Each type of exercise is highly effective, but requires proper technique.


Simple interval training on the treadmill consists of such exercises;

  1. Jogging is performed To warm up the muscles. Its duration is 10 minutes'.
  2. the Next stage should be split into 9 intervals, the duration of each is about 2-3 minutes. At the same time alternately alternates running with acceleration and at a calm pace.
  3. Jogging is performed At the end, about 5 minutes.

Progressive interval training on the treadmill is more difficult. It requires the following:

  1. Progressive run: 5 minutes – Jogging, every next 5 minutes to increase the speed by 1 km/h. do Exercise for half an hour.
  2. From 20 to 25 minutes running should be carried out at the maximum possible speed.
  3. For the last 5 minutes, the speed gradually reduced and the exercise is completed.

Almost all muscle groups take part In running, so this exercise is quite effective for weight loss.

Exercises on exercise bike

First of all, it is necessary to warm up the muscles. To do this, the usual warm-up, lasting 5 or 10 minutes.

Cycling exercises interval training on a stationary bike is conveniently presented in the form of a table.

Operating Time, sec

Rest Time, sec











Work on the bike is intense pedaling, and under the relax and understand slow footwork. Importantly properly adjust the simulator: his seat must be placed in such a way that when the pedal is at the bottom of the athlete's knee slightly bent. If the leg is "broken", the joints are under considerable stress, which can lead to injuries and sprains.


Swimming, as a kind of interval training exercise, also quite effectively helps to lose weight and develop everything muscle group. And it does not lead to injuries to the joints, because it does not have a significant load on them. Swimming takes only 15 minutes, during which the following must be done:

  1. Swim as fast as possible in butterfly style – 30 seconds.
  2. Sail in the style of breaststroke relaxed – 15 seconds.

When Alternating these types of swimming, it is necessary to perform several intervals. Gradually, the rest time should be reduced, and the duration of work at high speed to increase. As a result, the duration of swimming at a fast pace will be 40 seconds, and for a relaxed pace is given only 10 seconds.

At the end of a few minutes to swim freestyle, completing the exercise.


Skiers often use interval training to improve endurance and speed. Classes start with low intensity and short intervals. Trainings are held 1 time per week. Then the load gradually increases, and the rest time is reduced. In General, intensive skiing takes 6 minutes and slow skiing takes 5 minutes.

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