Interval fasting: menu, photos before and after

Many dream to try interval fasting, but some are stopped by the presence of a long period without eating. In fact, to sustain such a diet is quite real, especially since there are several schemes. Everyone will be able to choose the mode that best suits him. However, success is guaranteed only if all recommendations are strictly adhered to. Use interval fasting as a way to lose weight can and women and men.

For interval fasting

The Essence of interval fasting consists in alternating intervals of fasting and eating. This is a kind of diet that allows you to get rid of excess body weight without applying harm the body, clean it from toxins, improve the condition of skin, hair and nail plate.

Note! Despite the fact that there are several schemes of interval fasting, they differ only in the duration of periods. However, the essence remains the same: in one time interval you need to starve, and in the other – to eat.

Schemes of interval fasting are presented in table.



12/12 , 14/10

These schemes are characterized by the absence of strict restrictions, so it is recommended for beginners who have just started to practice such food. Starve will have 12 or 14 hours, depending on the selected scheme. This mode is often chosen women who plan to lose weight.


According to this scheme, the duration of the food window reaches 8 hours, and the hunger strike is given 16 hours. It is often chosen by men, in particular, bodybuilders. During the food window in the first 4 hours, you need to consume half of the daily calorie intake, and the remaining part is divided into 2 repasts.


Like the previous scheme, this diet is more suitable for men than for women. Moreover, beginners should abandon such a schedule, because the unprepared body will be hard to withstand as much as 20 hours without food. It is worth noting that the food window is given in times less time than hunger strike.


This scheme is similar to the previous two modes.


This scheme is slightly different from the others. In accordance with it, for two days will have to eat light foods, limiting caloric intake. For women, it is enough to use 500 kcal, men will need 600 kcal. Subsequent 5 days you need to maintain a daily rate of calories, which corresponds to physical indicators.

The Above scheme should be combined with exercise, which will provide greater efficiency in weight loss.

The Stages of the fasting interval

Periodic fasting contains three main stages:

  • preparatory stage (entrance);
  • starvation;
  • final stage (exit).

It is important to pay close attention to Each stage, because the final result depends on it.


According to experts, it is possible to start interval fasting without preparation. However, it will not be superfluous to change your diet in a few days, eliminating the harmful product from it, reducing the volume of portions, increasing the amount of liquid. You do not need to do a cleansing enema.

In Addition, it is important to adjust yourself psychologically so that the body can cope with the feeling of painful hunger that accompanies the initial stage of the diet.


The Starving person must exactly maintain the time interval corresponding to the selected scheme. It is important that part of it fell to sleep. During periods of hunger strike allowed to drink water, unsweetened drinks without calories, such as green tea without sugar, black coffee without additives in the form of cream, milk and other ingredients. During the food window should eat, distributing the daily rate of 3 meals. And the first should account for half of all calories needed to be consumed during the day. Snacks in the form of vegetables or fruits are allowed. During the diet, it is desirable to include healthy foods with low calories in the menu.

Note! The most common scheme of interval fasting is 16/8. In accordance with it, will have to abandon Breakfast, and first meal implement in 13.00. The last meal accounts for about 20.30, and go to sleep it is necessary not later than 21.00.


Not to gain dropped weight promptly, you need to get out of the diet. It should be noted immediately that the special exit does not exist, because of severe restrictions regarding the food products is not carried out. The only thing that is recommended for some time, and it is better forever, to abandon harmful food and lead an active lifestyle. This will help to keep the weight on our laurels level.

In General, interval fasting can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year. It all depends on the desired result and desire.

Sample menu

Interval starvation in the food-processing window can be used in almost all foods. It is desirable to give preference to useful low-calorie food to the process of weight loss occurred faster. If you want to eat something sweet or fatty, it is better to do it on days when physical loads.

Will Help you understand what interval allows for fast sample menu for one day:

  1. First meal: buckwheat porridge without oil, cooked on water (you can add a few slices of fruit), tea without sugar.
  2. Snack: salad from fresh vegetables.
  3. Second meal: boiled meat (beef), vegetable stew, fruit juice.
  4. Snack: cottage cheese with raisin.
  5. Snack: a glass of kefir.
  6. Dinner: boiled fish fillet.

Rules of interval fasting

To effectively lose a few extra pounds and improve your body during interval fasting, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • if this method of weight loss is used for the first time, you must choose the simplest scheme;
  • all day important maintain water balance, drink at least 2 liters of clean water without gas;
  • it is important to lead an active lifestyle, do sports, walk every day for at least 2 hours;
  • allocate enough time for sleep (at least 8 hours);
  • it is important to prepare yourself morally, tune in to the upcoming fasting intervals;
  • to come up with something for the period of the hunger strike as a distraction and not to suffer from hunger;
  • direct after entering the interval of fasting do not load your digestive system with heavy food, you need to include in your menu a lot of vegetables and fruits, cereals, dairy products, low-fat meat boiled, abandon confectionery, flour, fat, fried, smoked, salted and spicy;
  • do not stick to interval fasting for too long, so as not to harm the body, between courses you need to take breaks.

If you stick these rules for interval fasting, you can get the desired results quickly enough and without side effects.


As evidenced by the reviews of starving, the diet, developed by the method of interval fasting, helps to quickly get rid of the hated kilograms, improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails, cleanse the body of toxins.

Thus, when interval fasting can achieve the following results:

  • lose weight – lose a few pounds as soon as possible, it takes about 3-8% of the original body weight for 21 days-6 months, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body, physical activity and other factors;
  • carry out prevention of diabetes – hunger contributes to the normalization of blood sugar;
  • reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood – as shown by the results of studies, with interval fasting normalizes heart rate, lowers blood pressure, reduces the likelihood of myocardial infarction;
  • prevents the growth of cancer cells and increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy – in fact, experiments on humans have not yet been conducted, but animal studies have proved this fact;
  • prevents premature aging – as with periodic fasting purification occurs the body from harmful substances, its work is restored, which positively affects the appearance;
  • restores mental activity – according to reviews, interval fasting improves memory and mood, improves brain function.

Based on the above results, with the help of interval fasting can not only lose weight, but improve health.

Interval fasting: photo before and after

The fact that interval fasting is really effective is evidenced by numerous reviews. Men and women who have tested this technique on themselves, note a positive result and attach their photos to prove it before and after weight loss. The effect is visible to the naked eye.

Below are a few photos before and after weight loss, which will help to evaluate the effectiveness methods.


Of Course, interval fasting is quite an effective method of weight loss, but before you try it on yourself, you should consult your doctor. After all, this diet has several contraindications, which should not be neglected.

It is Not recommended to lose weight according to the scheme of interval fasting in the following cases:

  • if you do not reach the age of 18 years;
  • during pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • in the presence of diabetes;
  • during the period of disruption of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system.


To better understand the principles and features of interval fasting, you should read the video.

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