Interval fasting: benefits and harms of weight loss

Fractional nutrition, compulsory Breakfast, counting calories... All this can now be forgotten. At least, so say the supporters of interval fasting (is). This latest technique is used not only for weight loss, but also the recovery of the body!

The Essence of interval fasting

There are many options for interval fasting, but they have one essence: you can only eat at a strictly defined time, in the remaining hours - to starve. All these options have two digits in the name. The first shows the period of fasting, and the second - "food window".

Interval fasting 16/8 - the most popular way to lose weightInterval fasting 16/8

The Most common variant of IG is 16/8. This means that 16 hours is given to refuse food (you can only drink water and green tea), and the remaining 8 hours are given to meals. During these 8 hours, you can eat whatever you want, but still do not lean on unhealthy food - sugar, fried dishes, fast food and flour products.

Interval fasting options - 20/4 and 19/5 are Also popular. And the most persistent practice the scheme 36/12.

Who benefits from interval fasting

It is useful for people who:

  1. Are overweight

During interval fasting, the body actively loses fat reserves, not muscles and water, as in extreme diets or long illness.

  1. Rejuvenate the body

Interval fasting provokes increased secretion of growth hormone, which promotes tissue renewal and rejuvenation. In addition, IG increases resistance to oxidative stress - a condition in which the body has too many free radicals that accelerate aging.

On interval fasting you can eat any foodphoto Source:
  1. Want to improve brain function

Interval fasting helps to increase the level of BDNF (life protein), which helps to produce new brain cells and protects them from premature death. In particular, is improves memory.

  1. Care about the health of the cardiovascular system

Interval fasting increases resistance to heart disease. This is due to the reduction of oxidative damage and an increase in cellular resistance (resistance).

Before using interval of fasting, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Who needs interval fasting contraindicated

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to try for the last hit of dietary fashion. Interval fasting is contraindicated in cholelithiasis, liver problems, stomach ulcers, pregnancy, as well as children and the elderly.

Interval fasting for weight loss is more effective with exercisephoto Source:

For people with low pressure IG is fraught with fainting. In diabetes, thyroid problems, as well as body weight deficit this technique poses a health risk.

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If you decide to stick to interval fasting, then try to combine it with sports training. This will help to achieve maximum results!

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