Inspiring stories of weight loss celebrities with photos "before and after"

The Desire to get rid of extra pounds is important not only among ordinary girls, but also for the stars of show business. And this is not surprising, because the standards of beauty of recent decades are markedly different from the standards of The Renaissance, when the fashion was curvy.

Next, consider the inspiring stories of weight loss of foreign and domestic celebrities. Their photos "before and after" will serve as an excellent motivation!

Renee Zellweger

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Gain weight, lose weight, gain weight again and then get rid of it... Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger is considered a living proof that with perseverance and motivation, you can control your weight in any way you want.

For the filming of another part of the movie about Bridget Jones star had to gain weight. To do this, she ate hamburgers, which washed down with a milkshake. It was easy for her to gain extra weight, but it was not an easy task to lose it after the shooting.

Rene tried a lot of ways, until I realized that losing weight should be complex. That's why she started to exercise, signed up to a good massage therapist and start a diet. Instead of fast food and other hazards in her diet appeared fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish, herbal teas, a lot of greens. The highlight of the diet was that any food Rene washed down with grapefruit juice, which contributes to intense fat burning. As a result, Renee lost about 20 kg in 3 months!

Diet Elena Malysheva: menu, diet for every day How lost weight Julia Kuvarzina – photo before and after

Polina Gagarin

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Polina Gagarina, a Favorite of the Russian public, has never led a sedentary life, however this did not save her from becoming overweight. By trial and error, the singer has developed its own system of weight loss, which is a chain of alternating different monodiets:

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  • 1 day – can be there is only boiled rice;
  • 2 day – only chicken breast;
  • day 3 – fresh or steamed starchy vegetables.

Then the cycle repeats starting from the first day. From drinks allowed only non-carbonated water, which can be drunk in unlimited quantities. Another important rule – not eating before bed.

Christina Aguilera

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?Before and after weight loss!?#dipole #of gipolipidemia #diet #fitness #weight loss #sostituisce

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In 10 months Christina Aguilera got rid of 38 kg excess weight! This weight loss is considered quite physiological, that is, does not require the use of strict diets and exhausting physical activity.

The Aguilera Diet was supposed to reduce the caloric content of the daily diet by 500 units, as well as the rejection of "junk" food (French fries, white flour products, TRANS fats, etc.). In the diet of the stars attended a lot of the right protein (chicken breast, Turkey), polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish, nuts, avocado, etc.) and fiber (fruits, vegetables, berries). All previously listed products supply the body with useful substances and at the same time well dull the feeling of hunger.

These examples of weight loss can be a real source of inspiration, which will not allow to turn off the planned path. Be persistent, and soon your figure will be the subject of your pride!

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