"Incredible": fans admired home photo Nyusha

Nyusha loves her fans, and therefore always shares with them footage from his life. Recently, the singer posted a photo, which poses without the usual bright makeup, styling and fashion image. Instagram users were delighted with the natural beauty of the singer! 

"Without make-up cozy, home", "Super look, fit figure!", "Slim slim", "How do you manage so amazing look like?"- do not skimp on the compliments of fans of the singer.

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Lazy Sunday be like))? or ?? Vote below) #nyusha #Nyusha

A post shared by Nyusha (@nyusha_nyusha) on Jun 23, 2019 at 2:02am PDT

By the way, a few months ago Nyusha admitted that he had gained weight, and plans seriously to address figure. She began to regularly visit the gym and do yoga. Looking at the photo showing the figure of the artist, it becomes clear that the efforts were not in vain!

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