Incredible examples of weight loss girls with photos "Before" and "After"

Every woman dreams of a perfect body without fat folds and cellulite. However, work on a difficult challenge, but the will and motivation sometimes is not enough.

Today we will talk about 5 women who know from their own experience how thorny the path to harmony. However, they were able to lose weight, not caring for self-pity and excuses!

Photos of girls "Before" and "After" weight loss

At 22 Danish Astrid weighed 150 kg and did not even try to lose weight. Situation changed when she moved in with her boyfriend who was into sports and had a great physique. Apparently, this motivated Astrid to get rid of excess weight. In less than a year she lost 76 kg!

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Jade. Sokabe weighed 145 kg and was mentally afflicted of ridicule from others. Deciding that this can not continue, she became interested in powerlifting and lost 65 kg of excess weight.

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In their 20 years Kaylie Bonnet weighed about 220 kg. From-for extreme extent obesity she has developed diabetes mellitus type and high blood pressure. Health problems forced kaylie lose 126 kg of excess weight.

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In their 25 years Ales Of Bandaljuk weighed 120 lbs. Periodically, she tried to lose weight, but she lacked the willpower. Magic kick for the girl were the words of the boyfriend: "God gave you such beauty, and you so spoiled it! Aren't you ashamed of yourself?". It was after these words the girl pulled herself together and dropped 50 pounds overweight.

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Sri Lanka Harsha Of Ariwara ignored the problem of excess weight until I saw myself in the photo. She was horrified to realize how bad she looked. Instead of falling into depression, the girl stubbornly began to lose weight and got rid of from 42 kg of excess weight in less than a year!

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Start losing weight on Monday, after the holidays or when it is possible - the right way to never start. People who do not wait for the weather from the sea and achieve the desired results, certainly deserve respect!

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