In the list of "fat" countries Russia in fourth place

In the list of "fat" countries Russia in fourth placethe obesity Problem is currently haunting a huge number of people around the globe. Recently, scientists from several countries have compiled a rating, according to which Russia ranks 4th in the number of obese, which is a very disappointing indicator.

The First three places in the top 10 most "complete" countries are the USA, China and India. In General, over the past 35 years, the problem of excess weight has almost doubled. Also, scientists have found that women with lower incomes, according to statistics, are more at risk of obesity.

According to who, further increases in the number of sufferers can still be prevented obesity and minimize it, which requires a comprehensive plan that includes the promotion of healthy lifestyle and a ban on advertising "unhealthy" food. The government of New Zealand, for example, has already begun to develop such a plan and will be able to submit it next year.

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