In gyms for beauty and health, the impact of fitness on the joints

Modern fashion their whims. In sports clubs today, so many kinds of simulators of different directions that to be unhealthy just somehow do not want to. We offer beginners to understand in class categories.

LOW – this is a classic aerobics. Exercises are very simple, these are steps, jumps, movements. In this type of training, there are levels of difficulty and they need to be familiar with to reduce the level of injury, and increase the effect of training.

SPINNING is an exercise on bicycles. Safely no where slowly you can pedal and at the same time listening to music. Gradually moving from the slow mode of rotation of the pedals to the fast mode. This way of training burns fats faster.

STEP. This lesson requires a special step platform. This form of training allows you to improve posture, make legs more slender, and in General walking is useful for health. Step platforms have 3 levels of switching speeds, beginners should start with the first more moderate level.

AQUA AEROBICS in water. The best medicine for the whole body. The load on the muscles in the water increases, have to overcome the force of ejection, which allows keep the body in good shape for a long time. Under this movement in water unload knee.
Therefore, Aqua aerobics is suitable for those who suffer from disorders of the musculoskeletal system, pregnant, obese, elderly.

Working on yourself and your body can achieve good results. And continue to live under the motto: "In a Healthy body – a Healthy mind."

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