Hygienic massage

Hygienic massage

Hygienic massage is a technique that was popular in the days of Ancient Greece, when Greek soldiers and athletes used it on themselves in order to care for their own body and body. This technique remains relevant and now.

In General, hygienic massage is used in a wide variety of cases. Panacea for all diseases it can not be called, but often it is one of the most effective means of treatment and prevention of many diseases. Such procedures, as a rule, indicate an extremely beneficial effect on the body, accelerating metabolism in it, improving blood and lymph circulation, and simply optimizing its work.

Depending on the purpose of hygienic massage, it is classified into several varieties:

  • restorative;
  • tonic;
  • soothing;
  • preventive;
  • self-massage.

Hygienic massage

Restorative hygienic massage

This type of procedure is used to restore lost strength, improve muscle tone, remove toxins from the body and stimulate blood circulation. Shown restorative hygienic massage, first of all, those whose activities are directly related to heavy physical activity. Also similar the procedures will greatly help patients with musculoskeletal problems.

Restorative hygienic massage is often performed in a darkened room and in a calm environment, since in this case its effectiveness increases. To produce such a procedure, most of the most popular techniques such as vibration, stroking, kneading and rubbing, but with minimal use of beating and chopping.

Hygienic massage

Restorative hygienic massage is suitable for all parts of the body, but when it is made it is necessary to observe the sequence of movements: everything starts from the back, then the exercises are carried out with the back of the legs, then massaged thoracic Department. After that, the masseur should move to the upper parts of the body and abdomen, and finish with a massage of the front part of the legs.

Toning and soothing varieties of massage

The Name of these types of hygienic massage speak for themselves. Toning massage is used to bring the body to tone, and soothing - to relieve nervous and emotional arousal. Accordingly, the first of these methods is most often used in the morning, and the second - in the evening.

Hygienic massage, the video of which is given in this article, is able to help even with a feeling of depression and depression, which thus makes it easier to survive the problems encountered in life.

Preventive massage and self-massage

Hygienic preventive massage is most often used to prevent fatigue, allowing a person to maintain a high level longer efficiencies.

Hygienic massage

As for self-massage, it is a procedure carried out by a person on himself, as the Greeks did once. Self-massage is used in the morning to bring your body to tone.

Advantages of hygienic massage

The List of advantages of the described procedure is very wide. After all, in addition to the advantages already mentioned in the article, it allows the body to better adapt to changes environmental conditions, as well as resist the effects of polluted ecology. Hygienic facial massage, video of which we have, helps to fight premature aging of the skin, increases immunity and overall protection of the body, thereby reducing the likelihood of patients with many modern ailments. That is why this technique is considered one of the most popular in the XXI century.

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