How to use vitamin D. In what products it is.

Vitamin D3

Much is known About the benefits of vitamin D. For example, the fact that it is able to normalize the cardiovascular system, prevent diabetes and atherosclerosis. But about the vials of his group we know little. Let's try to correct this unfortunate oversight and take a closer look at vitamin D3, which is one of the most important components of the whole group.

More about vitamin D3

From vitamin D2 vitamin D3 (or, as it is called, cholecalciferol) differs in that it enters the human body not only when eating food, but also appears with the help of ultraviolet rays. What matters is that the rays should be in direct contact with the skin, which is not protected by clothing or sunscreen, otherwise there will be no contact and the vitamin will not penetrate into the body.

Modern scientists, after some experiments, have found that D3 is much more useful than D2, because other things being equal, it can have more health benefits. Therefore, we advise you to spend more time outdoors in the warmer months to get a supply of this vitamin, which will be spent all winter.

Who can I take?

There are no Age restrictions when taking cholecalciferol. Doctors recommend to use it at any age, as its lack can cause mental illness, insomnia, visual impairment and in General, a decrease in vitality. Especially vitamin D3 is necessary for infants who are just beginning to form the skeleton and vital organs. If a newborn child does not receive this vitamin in abundance, it may slow the growth of teeth, deformed bones and rickets occur. For the elderly, whose body becomes more fragile every year, D3 should also be included in daily use.

Daily value of vitamin D3

C unfortunately, according to statistics among the inhabitants of European countries, many people are experiencing a shortage of this vitamin, which makes them more vulnerable to many diseases. It is believed that an adult should consume 2.5 - 5 mcg a day, and children and adolescents a little more. Too much vitamin is no less dangerous than its shortage, because it can disrupt the metabolism of calcium in the body.

Vitamin D3: how to use

The Main way to get more vitamin D3 is a daily walk. Walking can compensate for half of his daily allowance. The second half can be contained in products that would not hurt to add to your menu to any person who wants to monitor their health. This:

  • milk or any other dairy product;
  • marine fish (need to consume only boiled, as when frying the D3 level may decrease);
  • oatmeal

Also, if you want your vitamin levels to rise quickly (for example, you can't walk), you can use a special water solution that will let vitamin D3 into your body in a short time. This aqueous solution is sold in any pharmacy, but those who want to increase the amount of vitamin D3 in your body need to pay attention to the instructions of this drug. Note that:

  • Aqueous solution containing vitamin D3, able to reduce appetite, cause headaches and muscle pain.
  • Vitamin D3 and the solution that contains it is strongly not recommended for use in renal failure.

It is Best to consult a doctor before taking, so as not to harm your body.

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