How to use ginger for weight loss? Best recipes, reviews

In some countries, a few hundred years ago for the first time began to use for weight loss a product such as ginger. Already in those days, Chinese doctors have developed a special diet based on this root crop. And in the neighbouring large countries then the doctors were preparing the drink from him and have recommended drink for people prone to obesity. We have learned about this wonderful product relatively recently: both ginger tea and the root were used only in modern time.


Whether ginger diet helps to lose weight?
Recipes how to brew ginger to lose weight
Ginger with lemon
Ginger with green tea
Another ginger recipe for weight loss

The Advantage of ginger in order to lose weight is that with the help of it you can throw those extra pounds without any restrictions, virtually abandoning the majority of products. Yes, and the essence of the diet is simple: you will only need to periodically drink tea, and harmful high-calorie food to change to healthy similar foods and dishes.

Whether ginger diet helps to lose weight?

It has been Experimentally verified that the proposed diet can lose weight by about 7-8 kilograms. Of course, the main product in the diet will be a drink made from root. It contains important substances for burning excess weight: essential oils and phytoncides. Thanks to them, the temperature rises slightly and at the same time increases the rate of metabolism. In other words, it becomes easier for the body to burn calories.

Ginger diet for weight lossGinger drink removes 10 kg of fat in 7 days. To be taken in the morning before food.

Anyone who has tried the root vegetable notes that its taste is like "muffling" the taste buds. As a result, after drinking a Cup of ginger tea, a person does not have such an appetite as before taking liquid and eats much less food during the meal. However, it should be noted that ginger for slimming does not block fats – it compensates for the lack of fluid, and it also leads to an accelerated metabolism.

Recipes how to brew ginger to lose weight

Not everyone knows how to properly brew and use ginger for weight loss to lose weight as much as possible. But with the right approach, the body weight will go away in a week. Therefore, we suggest you consider several recipes'.

Ginger with lemon and honey: health recipe for weight loss, reviews

Ginger with lemon

  1. Brewing with lemon easier: grate the root and add to the flask 1-2 tablespoons, and then cut a large lemon (do not remove rind).
  2. Pour hot water (about 1.5 liters).
  3. Let stand for 5-6 hours.
  4. Before drink cooked tea, add a little honey.
  5. Take 1 small glass of water 30-40 minutes before meals.

Ginger with green tea

  1. Brewing in teapot (ginger, green tea and hot water). Previously, a couple of spoons of grated root pour lemon juice.
  2. Put everything in a thermos and let the tea brew for 3-4 hours.
  3. Drink about 150-180 ml 30 minutes before meals.

Another recipe of ginger for weight loss

Thanks to this drink, you can not only lose weight well, but also to strengthen your immunity as well as improve skin, nails and hair.

  1. Grate the root in the same amount as in the previous methods of tea welding, and mix with rosehip (100 grams), fill all together in a thermos.
  2. Brew and infuse about 3 hours.
  3. Drink a small Cup half an hour before a meal.

Note: as an option, dried spice is suitable if you can not buy fresh root.


Ginger drink/tea is not recommended for the following diseases:

  • Ulcer, gastritis, colitis
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Allergy, in particular, on citrus
  • bleeding Tendency.
  • In some cases – hypertension. Ginger is able to raise pressure.

Reviews losing weight on this diet


According to the reviews of women sitting on the ginger diet, you can throw up to 20 kg, if you comply with all conditions. The most important thing is to give up sweets and pastries, semi-finished products and fast food, as well as fried and fatty foods. Proper nutrition implies the following products:

  • Lean meat, fish, seafood
  • whole Grain porridge
  • vegetable Salads with olive oil
  • Dishes containing protein
  • Fruits, dried fruits.

Welding should also be prepared strictly according to the recipes set out above. And then the extra weight will really start to leave you. Good luck!

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