How to train endurance: endurance training, a set of exercises

Strength endurance is the key to a healthy and beautiful body. Endurance is a quality that undoubtedly helps us not only in the gym, but also in everyday life. Developing it, you open new doors.

What is power endurance

Endurance, referred to as strength, is the ability of our muscles to make effort over time without losing the strength of muscle contractions. It should be noted that due to strength endurance we do not lose working efficiency. Endurance has several forms that depend on the type of sports activity, such as dynamic and static.

Training endurance

Train endurance with the help of special exercises. If you want to increase it, then you should:

  • run long distances (up to 10 km);
  • to do swimming;
  • play tennis, football;
  • jump rope more than 100 times;
  • alternate exercise with running.

Thanks to this useful quality, you will get tired more slowly and keep your strength, speed and agility longer. There are special exercises that will help you to become more hardy and strong. Just one workout a week - and you will feel the positive impact, but better, to have a few, especially if you are seriously involved in sports.

  • it is Useful to work with sports bag. It is necessary to strike at full force and very quickly. Alternate 20 seconds of fast beats with 20 seconds of strong. In the first case, you should try to beat as fast as possible and the second as much as possible.
  • you Can practice punches with weights on the legs, for the feet will fit supplementary weight 0.5-1 kg, and for hands - 300-500 g.
  • exercise battle with their shadow with the weights on the limbs.
  • Push rod from the chest of the half squat, repetitions must be at least 20, and approaches 3-5.
  • Suitable running, Cycling, swimming, skiing.
  • Work with dumbbells, weights.

Complex exercise on the stamina

The specialist Training you should choose the best one for you complex. Exercises should be performed alternately with no rest. But this applies only to those people who have been training for about a few months. In turn, different muscle groups work. One approach should consist of several exercises. The approach is performed from 4 to 8 times for a certain amount of time. With each new training reduce the time, but perform the same number of approaches.
An example of quality training to improve endurance is presented below.
First variant complex that increases endurance:

  1. Rotate the waist in a tilt with dumbbells in hands (50 times).
  2. Swing the press with rotations (30 times).
  3. Produce Mahi with their feet (20 times).
  4. Swing the press on the bar (30 times).
  5. swing, Swing calves (20 times).
  6. Press from the floor on the fingers or wrists (15 times).

Note how long it will take you to perform 4 approaches of this complex's. With each subsequent training reduce the time fixed for the first time. So that you can understand which exercise is more suitable and which is less, we decided to offer another option.

So, the second variant of endurance training:

  • Push up from the floor (30 times).
  • Squat (30 times).
  • pull Up (10 times).
  • Swing the press on the bar (30 times).
  • Execute star jumps (10 times). They usually do at the lessons of karate. You need to take the starting position: stand straight, hands along the body. Jump up, raise your hands up, sit down and take the emphasis lying down, and then sit down. This exercise perfectly supports and develops the cardiovascular system.
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