How to tighten the skin after weight loss: three strategies for elastic skin

How to tighten the skin after weight lossOften we want to tighten the skin after weight loss. Skeptics will say that you need to think not about how to tighten it after, but about how to lose weight so that the skin does not lose tone. Technically, they're right. You can choose the rate of weight loss so that the skin after weight loss is not sagged, and the speed of getting rid of excess weight was adequate.

Here only you need to have experience in successful weight loss, to engage in systematic sports during slimming, stick to a special care program, which includes a little more procedures than the well-known coffee scrub Catherine Mirimanova. Sagging skin on stomach after weight loss – this is a problem almost all women who just obremenitve. Therefore, this problem is addressed by all women.

But there are different kinds of trouble – for example, the skin of the lower abdomen may be less supple and elastic than the whole body, and thus lose the tone, despite all the tricks, and you have to look for the answer to the question: how to tighten the skin on the stomach? Or you will be so carried away by a new diet that you will forget about products – sources of collagen. In this article, we outline three main strategies for getting rid of flabby "consequences."

How to tighten the skin after weight loss: for athletes

Strictly speaking, this strategy is the only win-win. Skin tone can restore not only numerous salon treatments, but also the usual strength training. The point is that under load the muscle is literally "pumped" with blood, which means that nutrients and collagen get access and your skin. In addition, during the rest, the blood "pours" from the working area, and you get a natural micro-massage of the skin. Everyone knows that strength exercises speed up metabolism, so a fast metabolism is able to accelerate the tightening of the skin. So how to train to tighten the skin on the abdomen after weight loss?

Leave your circular workouts with lots of repetitions and light weight dumbbells. The best load for not too elastic skin is real athletic gymnastics. At least one month try to work with really big weights in a small number of repetitions. Afraid of getting big? There is an alternative theory – pliometric. Remember exercises Gillian Michaels – squats with jumps, "scissors" from the lunge, pull the legs to the abdomen in the posture of the bar: switch to 30 seconds of any of these exercises after each power movement and the skin is tightened.

If sagging skin after weight loss: for lovers of beauty

Modern beauty industry offers a thousand and one way to lift sagging skin after weight loss. It's not necessary to have a bunch of money and time, many of them have fairly affordable home alternatives.

algae wraps are the Leader in the list of skin tightening procedures. They help to saturate the skin with collagen, which allows to cause its mechanical contraction. The course is usually combined with thermotherapy or warm wraps.

At home you can try to apply seaweed mask after take a bath with sea salt (quite solid, take a kilogram of salt for one standard bathroom).

Honorary "number two" for lifting the skin on the abdomen after weight loss – salon manual or vacuum massage. in addition To mechanical contraction, massage creates a practical alternative to physical activity, because it significantly improves blood circulation. Along with the blood come nutrients, and the skin regenerates faster, becoming more elastic.

At Home, try to study the self-massage guide or purchase an electric roller massager for home treatments. But vacuum "jars" it is better to leave losing weight. Sometimes they only aggravate the condition of the skin. With their help, remove excess skin on the abdomen after weight loss is impossible.

Well, the third most effective way to tighten the skin – a variety of peels in combination with aromatherapy. These two methods in the complex are sometimes used as a preparation for a moisturizing effect, but in themselves they are effective enough to deserve applications. Choose natural ingredients and be sure to warn the beautician about your allergies.

To tighten the skin at home, try scrubs based on sleeping coffee, sea salt, peach stone, and add a drop of bergamot oil, grapefruit or bitter orange to the moisturizer.

How to tighten the skin at home after weight loss

For lovers of Haute cuisine. What's the food got to do with it? Many can say that if the skin is sagging after weight loss, its diet is not removed. And they will be absolutely right. However, it is almost everything, if we are talking about the beauty of the skin. In the pursuit of thinness, we often forget about the state of the intestinal microflora, and do it for nothing.

Try to improve your diet and include prebiotics – curd, yogurt, bio-kefir. These products improve the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and make the absorption of protein from food fullest. Well, a lot of amino acids – a lot of building material for connective tissue, which literally "attracts" the skin to its rightful place.

Number "two" on your table should be salmon, trout or pink salmon. In these varieties fish the most bio-available collagen. Eating 3-4 portions of fish a week is a vital necessity for radiant skin. Do not forget about the sources of zinc – seafood and quail eggs.

Which method is best? The answer is simple: "If you want to tighten the skin faster, combine our strategies, and do not forget about at least five minutes contrast soul every day." The pace of skin tightening all individual, but perseverance in this matter works wonders. It will not be so much time, and the question: after losing weight sagged skin on the stomach – what to do? – you won't care anymore.

How to tighten the skin after weight loss – especially for fitness trainer Elena Selivanova.

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