How to tighten the skin after weight loss: cosmetics, procedures

How to tighten the skin after weight loss: cosmetics, proceduresWomen with excess weight, trying to reset and choose different diets for weight loss. In an effort to say goodbye to the extra pounds, remember that fast weight loss will not bring you complete satisfaction. Yes, extra centimeters in volume will go, but in their place will hang flabby skin, which will give the figure a very unsightly appearance. The best way – to lose weight gradually, not to exhaust themselves hunger strikes, then you will not only slim, but also taut. But what if the problem of sagging fat skin you already caught? Do not despair, be patient and listen to our advice.

Salon treatments

The Best option of correction – salon therapy. The most effective against sagging skin massage and various body wraps. Vacuum massage allows you to solve several problems: it creates a mechanical activity, simulating exercise, improves blood flow, allowing the skin to regenerate faster and become more elastic.

a massage with a vibrating hair straightener and collagen cream also works wonders. If your problem seems insoluble or you need to return to the ideal form in a short time will help mesotherapy and lymphatic drainage. During the mesotherapy microinjections under the skin type of active substances, improving blood circulation and stimulating skin. In addition, the injections themselves carry out mechanical action.

If massage in salon – inaccessible pleasure, do it at home. The best technique is plucking. Start by stroking clockwise, then slowly start tingling, gradually increasing the pace. The skin after the massage should be slightly reddened. Apply a moisturizer or a special lifting cream on it.

Wrap – another indispensable tool in the fight against sagging skin after weight loss. They can be carried out both in the cabin and at home. Perfectly tones green tea and blue clay and algae. 3-5 tablespoons of clay (it is sold in a pharmacy) dilute with water or a decoction of herbs, add 2-3 drops of orange essential oil. Inflict the mixture on the skin, wrap the film, cover and lie down for a while.

Massages and wraps should be combined with regular peels. Great natural scrub – ground coffee. Do not neglect lotions and body creams. Remember that the skin should be in good shape, this will help a contrast shower and rubbing hard with a loofah.

How to tighten the skin after weight loss

A as be, if after prolonged diets sagged and became flabby skin of the face? Let's start with the most effective methods – salon procedures and visits to the surgeon. Beauticians will offer you a variety of masks, as well as treatments such as lifting and mesotherapy. Plastic surgery is the most radical method of lifting the skin after weight loss, it should be resorted to when other methods of struggle do not work.

Much can be done and in household conditions. Care start by exfoliating old dead cells with skin surface. Scrub you can make your own or use store-bought. Excellent cheer contrast washes. Try rubbing your face with a piece of ice. It will be skin toning and massage. By the way, instead of simple water, you can freeze chamomile broth. Tightening masks clay-based and special cream will complete daily care.

Trying to tighten sagging skin after weight loss, do not forget to eat properly, consume enough protein, drink plenty of water. And, of course, sports. Strength training, Jogging in the fresh air – your best assistants.

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