How to take fish oil for weight loss: weight loss reviews

How to take fish oil for weight lossliterally every modern person strives to Be healthy and beautiful. However, most existing diets do not allow this to be achieved, because they make a poor diet. The diet, which is low in vitamins and valuable minerals, can only temporarily solve the problem. That is why it is more reasonable to approach weight loss. An unexpected solution for weight loss is the use of fish oil. It is believed that this tool reduces the performance of cholesterol, improves blood composition and contributes to weight loss.

Fish oil composition

It would Seem, it is very strange to take fish oil for weight loss. Indeed, because the caloric content of this drug is 900 kcal. If you compare this product with chicken fillet, the gain is clearly in favor of meat, because it only 110 kcal per 100 g weight. However, the benefits of fish oil for those who have dieted are invaluable.

100 g of fish oil contains many additional nutrients. Thus, this volume of the product accounts for 22 g of unsaturated omega fatty acids, as well as about 30 mg vitamin D and retinol.

What is the value of these components for weight loss and for the body as a whole? In their unique properties. For example, vitamin D is responsible for the transport of phosphorus and calcium to various cells of the body. This component allows you to calm the nervous system and bring its functioning back to normal.

How to take fish oil for weight loss

The Functions of vitamin A are quite different. Retinol, as it is commonly called, can improve vision. In addition, the substance supports health and good condition:

  • mucous membranes of the body;
  • curls;
  • skin.

This vitamin is Also responsible for tissue regeneration. What is the benefit of this action? This vitamin allows you to stay young and beautiful as long as possible, including diet.

Special attention should be paid to the importance of omega-3 fatty acids of unsaturated type. These components in the fish oil composition provide purification of vessel walls from cholesterol and make them more elastic. In addition, these omega-3 substances strengthen the arteries. This is an excellent prevention of heart attack, angina, other heart diseases. Omega acids are also responsible for normalizing blood pressure levels.

However, these are not all components of the fat derived from the liver of cod fish. In this tool in a sufficiently large amount is present arachidonic acid. It is often called the precursor of prostaglandins. On the basis of this acid are produced tromboxan and prostacyclin. The second component has a unique benefit. Its properties contribute to the production of adrenaline. It also normalizes the mechanism of blood clotting. In addition, prostacycline helps:

  • normalize blood glucose and cholesterol;
  • increase vascular tone;
  • start metabolism processes in organism.

Among other features of fish oil is worth noting its benefits for the generation of nerve cells. This product improves memory and thought processes. It helps to increase the ability to learn new knowledge. That is why it is so important to take everything.

But the most important thing is that fish oil is able to affect some parts of the brain that are responsible for weight loss and regimen foods.

How to take fish oil for weight loss

Another attraction of fish oil for weight loss and diet is that the product helps to remove various harmful substances from the body, "clogging" tissues and blocking the process of weight loss.

The Benefits of fish oil for weight loss

As practice shows and many nutritionists claim, fish oil is very useful for weight loss. This is evident not only in the effects of omega-3 acids on the respective centers brain and excretion of toxins. This tool, which is now available in the form of convenient capsules, has no direct effect on weight loss. However, the product obtained from the liver of cod fish allows to normalize metabolic processes in the body. This is exactly what any diet wants.

Also fish oil, introduced into the diet, and helps on the other hand to approach weight loss. Taking capsules full course helps to reduce insulin levels in the blood. Due to this, the body during the diet begins to burn not carbohydrates, but fats. Due to the control of insulin contained in the blood, the body ceases to accumulate fat. The body spends it, transforming it into useful energy.

How to take fish oil for weight loss

If you add omega-3 acids to your daily diet, you can effectively normalize the level of insulin and "harmful" cholesterol in the blood. This not only promotes weight loss, but also leads to improved health and mood. That's why you do not want to run to the refrigerator and fill your stomach with all sorts of sweet, but threatening weight gain products.

How to take fish oil to reduce weight

Fish oil, containing a wide range of vitamins and fatty unsaturated omega acids, should be taken correctly for weight loss. But since this is not a dietary SUPPLEMENT developed in the laboratory, there are disputes about the dosage and intake of such capsules.

Some nutritionists advise to introduce a limited amount of fish oil into the diet. They allow the use of only 500 mg per day. This amount of fish oil they consider sufficient to activate metabolism and weight loss. Take weight loss and diet more fish oil in the format of ordinary capsules, they do not recommend.

How to take fish oil for weight loss

However, there is another category of researchers. These nutritionists have a different opinion about the correct dosage of fish oil, which contributes to weight loss. They suggest to use fish oil in the amount of 500 mg per each percentage of excess weight in the form of subcutaneous fat. zsira.

Please note! If the excess body weight is high, then fish oil is supposed to be consumed in huge doses. But an overdose of retinol and vitamin D threatens enormous health problems and can provoke serious diseases.

This is why to use this remedy, derived from substances from the liver of cod fish, you should wisely. Its unique properties can make taking capsules harmful. Optimally to find the "Golden middle." This is about 1000-2000 mg of fish oil per day. Moreover, the volume of excess weight should not be more than 15 kg. If the calculation is carried out in capsules, then 1 gram is 5-6 capsules.


Despite the natural composition of fish oil, this product also has a number of contraindications. To use it for weight loss is with great caution, so that the course of taking this drug does not cause reverse reactions and does not provoke the occurrence of side effects diseases'.

So, to accept fish oil for slimming it is important with colossal caution those, from whom there is:

  • hypervitaminosis D;
  • organic heart lesions;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • chronic renal failure;
  • kidney stones, gallbladder, urinary ducts.

Among other contraindications for taking capsules it is worth noting the period of GW and pregnancy. Not it is necessary to use fish oil for weight loss in diseases associated with malfunctions of the thyroid and liver. Contraindications include duodenal ulcer and stomach problems. Do not also take fish oil capsules for weight loss in old age and allergies.


More information about the benefits and features of the use of fish oil for weight loss can be found by referring to the video presented following.

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