How to starve to lose weight – fasting for 1, 3 and 7 days

StarvationFasting is a drastic measure, it is a great stress for the body. Technically, not only is any low-calorie diet safer, but also more effective: the body will not be able to independently get out of stress without consequences with at least some long-term fasting. If you are healthy on your own, it will start to store calories twice as fast as before, in the hope that such an extreme situation may ever happen again. It is an element of survival inherent in nature - in full time, all animals, including primates, which include people, we ate to be hungry, if you can not find food, to exist in the internal reserves.

In Addition, the body corrects a number of chemical processes, switches to the "economy mode", reducing the production of hormones, reducing metabolism and supplying the brain with poorly processed substances. If the situation is really extreme -for example, war or survival in the forest, where you got accidentally - it will be a way to prolong life and salvation. But in everyday conditions all this will do more harm than good.

"Cancel" this mechanism is impossible, it is as natural for the living beings as breathing. You can only not run it - which is enough not to choose fasting for more than a day instead of a real diet if you want to lose weight.

Today fasting is sometimes practiced not only as a way to lose weight, but also as a "remedy". There are special centers where patients starve under the supervision of a doctor, with constant individual observation. Usually indications for such a procedure - diseases of blood vessels, digestive organs, joints and a number of other diseases. But this method is still questionable, many doctors are of the opinion that fasting will harm in any case. Even representatives of these centers do not advise to starve at home for more than a day.

After some time spent without food (about 2-3 days), a person may begin to feel unusually cheerful and energetic. It's rather in total, it is not associated with the use or purification, and is a side effect of the same natural mechanism of protection - the body, considering the situation around the critical, begins to produce adrenaline and other hormones that will give strength for a short time - the former would be necessary to save the animal from enemies, out of the dangerous area and,
If you still want to starve at home, you need to know a few rules.

How to starve correctly.

Be Sure to "enter" into fasting for the same number of days for which you want to give up food – i.e. 1, 3, 7 and so on. At this time, reduce the amount of food, reduce portions, eat only fruits and vegetables.
Accordingly, "go" should be on the same principle, gradually increasing the caloric content of food. Fast transition to normal food after fasting is very dangerous for health!

1 day:

The Maximum allowed fasting at home lasts 36 hours, a little more than a day. You can do without food for longer, you can do it physically, but it will not have a positive effect.
In these 36 hours be sure to drink water instead of the usual meals.

3 days:

Be Sure to drink water and try to be more outdoors. Physical activity is not required, but fresh air desirable.

7 days:

It is Better not to conduct such long-term starvation at home. If you are convinced that you need it, consult a doctor and starve under his supervision.

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