How to start running

running occupies an important place In the system of fitness training. It is recommended for beginners as an effective aerobic exercise, which increases the intensity of metabolic processes, produces endurance and strengthens the heart muscle. If the body is healthy, but it chronically lacks movement and energy, running – this is what will help to restore good mood and well-being.

It is Worth considering that people suffering from heart disease, arrhythmias, thrombophlebitis, running is strictly contraindicated. With caution should be treated to such a load and diabetics. And all the rest so as not to harm the health, before you start Jogging, you need to adhere to certain rules.

Tips for beginners

1. It is difficult to make an effort and go to Jogging for the first time, especially if the training will take place in the Park or Park near the house. Prevents false shame, thinking about what I can say neighbors, if they happen to see them. If you still can not get rid of doubts, it is best to do Jogging in a sports club on the simulator "treadmill".

2. It is necessary to create a positive inner attitude – motivation: to imagine how the stomach, leg muscles, buttocks are tightened. To be strengthened in confidence that running will help to get rid of the bothered excess weight, to become irresistible to you, will give the chance again to put on a favourite dress and/or a skirt which became small and firmly to solve for myself: I want to start running.

3. In order to ensure the correct distribution of the load on the foot and joints when running, it is necessary to purchase comfortable sneakers in a specialized store.

4. The first lesson is not worth it overstrain: you should start with walking and gradually increase the speed of movement, but when signs of discomfort (shortness of breath, dizziness, headache), it is better to reduce the load. You need to increase the time of training gradually, when the necessary endurance is formed and the body adapts to a certain pace.

How to start running

How to start running to lose weight

To lose weight, you need to plan classes so that Jogging took at least 40-45 minutes 4 times a week, and the heart rate reached at least 150 beats per minute.

You Need to follow the rule: two hours before exercise and two hours after it is not abundant to eat. If you eat tightly right before training, it will be very difficult to keep the pace already achieved earlier, in addition, will not burn fat reserves, and calories consumed. At the end of training, the body "by inertia" continues to burn its own deposits for another 1-2 hours, and this is due to the time interval that you need to withstand before eating.

You can Often hear the complaint, "Began to run – sore legs." This should not be afraid, just as a result of the intense load in the tissues of the calf muscle, lactic acid is formed, which causes pain. Over time, this phenomenon passes, and the body becomes more trained and hardy.

In General, running helps to feel the charm of life in a new way, it opens up new opportunities for your own body, brings satisfaction and a sense of happiness that can overshadow the pleasure of Smoking a cigarette. That is why regular classes will even help to quit Smoking. It is only important to determine the right life guidelines for yourself and start running.

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