How to spend may holidays delicious without harm to the figure

On may holidays the whole country rejoices and holds a feast in the company of friends and family. During this period, even losing weight relax and allow yourself to enjoy your favorite dishes. And, of course, it affects the figure.

How not to gain extra pounds after a picnic? There are 5 simple guidelines to help spend may holidays tasty and not get stuck in the door doorway!

Have a Snack until feasts

A Common mistake that a day without eating in anticipation of the feast. This leads to the fact that in the first minutes of the holiday you greedily "pounce" on all the dishes, not feeling their taste and not getting pleasure.

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To soberly assess the proposed delicacies and moderately pamper yourself with what you especially like, an hour before the feast should have a snack yogurt or fruit.

Eat slowly

For a Reason nutritionists advise to chew carefully food, and in the market of fitness gadgets there was a fork which beeps if you eat too fast. Scientists have established a relationship: the more carefully you chew the food, the more likely that the saturation signals will reach the brain before overeating happens.

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Learn to say "no"

Many people eat out of politeness, afraid to offend by their refusal. But if a person is full, he is full, and politeness has nothing to do with it. And if someone really wants you to try his signature chop or pie, then offer to pack a portion with myself.

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Not drinking alcohol than greasy

Advice about what alcohol you need to eat something greasy - it is fundamentally wrong. Of course, fatty foods envelop the walls of the stomach and prevents the absorption of alcohol, resulting in intoxication is slower. That's only at the same time in the stomach fermentation occurs, and secondary fermentation products can even provoke poisoning. In it follows that alcohol is best to eat light food - vegetable snacks, fruit or low-fat cheese.

After a feast and eat grapefruit

After a hearty meal nutritionists are advised to eat a couple of slices of grapefruit. Organic acids and other valuable elements contained in it stimulate digestion and prevent fat deposition. For best effect there is grapefruit need together with white bitter streaks of.

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On holidays I always want to be especially beautiful. And they want to spend so that there were only pleasant memories, not extra inches at the waist. These recommendations will help you to keep a slim figure during the may feasts!

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