How to speed up metabolism in the body and lose weight: diet and exercise

How to speed up metabolismNot Enough to eat, train hard and can't lose a single gram? Skeptics immediately doubted the adequacy of your self-esteem. Well, sports doctors do not find anything surprising in such a situation. Slow metabolism is a very common problem. About that, how to speed up metabolism in the body, written a million articles, and even couple serious scientific papers. On them we will build.

What you have exchange substances: calculations

Only doctors in a diagnostic hospital can Calculate the metabolic rate. However, all this is not for us. At home you can easily find out whether slow metabolism cause of all your weight problems. The test is extremely simple, and may even be regarded by some as a diet:

  • in the Evening, refrain from eating 4 hours before bedtime;
  • in the Morning on an empty stomach spend half an hour cardio;
  • During the day consistently eat: for Breakfast 200 g cottage cheese, for second Breakfast banana, for lunch – a plate of vegetable soup, a pear for an afternoon snack, and a portion of boiled fish for dinner.
  • Weigh yourself the next morning. If you lost 100-200 grams, you have normal metabolism if not – you should take action.

Strictly speaking, this test does not show the basic metabolic rate, but the so-called metabolic response – the rate at which the body expends energy after exercise and against the background of dietary activities. Precisely from this reactions and will depend on whether you lose weight or not.

How to speed up metabolism: products

There Are two variants of improper nutrition, against which the metabolism slows down:

  • Overeating, systematic consumption of 20% or more calories than burned during the day;
  • Malnutrition, ignoring protein products and healthy fats.

W in the first case, the body does not have to fuss, because it is "fed". He, respectively, postpones fat reserves. The exception is the combination of such a strategy with high-intensity strength training. Then the body builds muscle, and the metabolism is accelerated by the metabolic effect of muscle tissue.

In the second strong stress calls for slowing down metabolic processes in the body, as the body struggles to survive in extreme conditions.

The First option is "curable" only by strict accounting and control. Planning everything you eat the next day the night before will help speed up your metabolism. Don't get too "dashing" to limit calorie. Eat within a daily energotrast if maintain weight, and within figures main exchange if you lose weight. Try to eat a protein dish in every main meal, and get rid of ballast – sweets, canned food, semi-finished products.

In the second case, it is very clear – the less you eat, the slower weight loss, especially if you play sports. No one says that you need to go on a diet sumo wrestler, you just need to know what products accelerate metabolism and observe basic diet rules to speed up metabolism:

  • 2 servings of low-fat dairy products per day, calcium is important for metabolic processes;
  • 1-2 portions of meat or fish without fat;
  • 2-3 servings of fresh vegetables, green salad;
  • 1-2 servings of grain products;
  • 1-2 servings of fruit;
  • 5-6 meals a day, interval – no more than 3.5 hours;
  • additional reception preparations of zinc, magnesium and iodine.

Mode and exercises to speed up metabolism

Accelerates metabolism strength training. Will this be a classic exercise with dumbbells, barbells and in simulators, or callanetics or Pilates, to decide only you. But the rule is simple – in a week, each muscle group should be subjected to strength training twice. "Advanced" can work through each muscle group three times. The exception to this scheme – "separate" strength training.

Cardio is also important for metabolic processes. But you must not abuse it. The notorious 200 minutes of cardio is that your low, he's high. If you want to get more exercise, increase the intensity of the workout, but not the running time. Need additional training – do yoga or stretching, but do not abuse aerobics (this is the strategy and leads to a slowdown in metabolic processes organism.)

In Addition, immediately after a day of intense strength or aerobic training should follow a day of rest, so distribute the load correctly. In addition to the correct training regime is extremely important to establish their own lives. Say goodbye to the evening series, watch them in the morning on the treadmill. You must sleep at least 8 hours a day. The speed of metabolic processes is affected by stress and fatigue. If you are used to working seven days a week, wait for the attack "stress" hormone cortisol, overeating and slowing metabolism. The best friend of quick sharing is the sense of proportion and mode.

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