How to safely spend fasting days?

More and more people prefer a rational diet. However, the fast pace of life, workload at work does not always allow you to follow the principles of proper nutrition or diet. How in this case it is possible to help an organism to dump superfluous? Quite regularly spend fasting days.

What are fasting days for?

Fasting days allow our body to rest and remove harmful substances – toxins. Such days involve a significant restriction of food consumed within one day. Most often, during the fasting day is expected to use only one or two products.

During fasting days, the products are selected in such a way as to reduce the load on the gastrointestinal tract. Excluding fatty, high-calorie foods, we allow the enzymes of the liver and pancreas to recover. During the fasting day occurs bowel cleansing, strengthening its peristalsis, from the body leaving excess fluid, less swelling.

As opposed to strict diets after a fasting day in the the organism occurs reflex weight gain. On the contrary, regular fasting days allow you to lose a few really extra pounds.

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6 rules of carrying out unloading days

To conduct a cleansing of the body and not to cause him harm should observe a few simple rules:

  1. Fasting days can be spent only healthy people. If you have any chronic disease, consult your doctor in advance.
  2. Pick suitable for you the product of the fasting day. For example, with a tendency to constipation, it is better to spend "Apple" days and refrain from "rice" days. With increased acidity of the stomach, the ideal option would be fasting days with the use of cottage cheese or kefir. THE ABC RECOMMENDS Fast to lose weight with cottage cheese diet Maggi – detailed menu for 4 weeks
  3. do Not choose foods that are heavy to digest or aggressive to the stomach. Undesirable conduct fasting days meat, tea, citrus. A large amount of protein will create a significant load on the liver. The caffeine contained in the tea will accelerate the heartbeat and increased pressure. Oranges and grapefruits will increase the production of gastric juice, which can provoke the development of gastritis.
  4. Throughout the day, do not limit yourself to clean drinking non-carbonated water. In this case, the volume of liquid drunk should be at least 1.5 liters.
  5. One day before and one day after the fasting day reduce calorie food consumed. This will allow the body to more gently adjust to the lack of the necessary calories.
  6. Never spend fasting days in a period of considerable nervous tension. Such days are also not recommended during menstruation. Physical activity during the fasting day should be somewhat limited.

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Regularity and efficiency

Fasting days are recommended not more than 2 times a week and not less than 2 times a month. Effect from such days comes only under regular their conduct. During the fasting day, you may feel hungry, this is normal. However, with the appearance of dizziness, heart pain or other alarming symptoms, you should immediately stop the diet, drink a Cup of sweet tea or not strong compote, eat something sweet. Consult your doctor before any subsequent fasting days.

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